Thursday’s Throwback

Celebrating #allin or nothing by Adidas


Well, it was literally all in or nothing during the recently ended World Cup 2014. As Adidas celebrates the Final by having both teams – Germany and Argentina – wearing their brand, Nike was out there animating “The Last Game“.

Indeed it was their last. Not only that Adidas gleefully enjoyed 46 players wearing its brand on their backs, this animated film features no players from the WC Finals (and of course Adidas, LOL). Oh well…

“The Last Game” is a fictional story about ballsy football against safe football. Nonetheless, we humans still think that clones are always our better half. Eric Cantona used to be the “man” behind Nike’s soldiers, but this time, Ronaldo is the chosen one. These guys look like characters from The Incredibles.

Have fun watching this pretty cool animation. Great job I say!

Animated Cristiano Ronaldo
Animated Wayne Rooney
Animated Neymar Jr (Nice selfie)
Animated Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Animated Andres Iniesta (Had to wear Barca jersey cause Spain is sponsored by Adidas, LOL)
Animated David Luiz
Animated Franck Ribery
Animated Tim Howard
Animated Ronaldo Fenomeno





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