Waste (food) no more

This is how you stop food from going to waste.


Intermarche, a French supermarket chain buys fruits and vegetables that are often rejected by consumers and gave it a brilliant spin – The Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables.

Generally, consumers would toss away fruits and vegetables that look a little odd in shape. Worst still, they never thought about starving people who don’t even have the chance to consume such foods.

This is where Intermarche steps up a notch in their effort of reducing starvation and food wastage. They gave these foods a great spin – their own signages, their own aisles and even listed in the receipts. These fruits and vegetables are turned into juices and soups. And to top it all, these foods are sold 30% cheaper.

The result was fantastic. Increase in sales and customers. And the juices and soups were sold! And I’m sure the Grotesque Apple was a big hit!


inglorious-orange inglorious-potato inglorious-lemon inglorious-eggplant inglorious-apple inglorious-carrot


A glorious fight against food waste.


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