The Sapeurs – the true superstars

The spotlight on Congo’s best-dressed community.

Guinness: Sapeurs in their finery walk among the cattle

The Society of Elegant Persons of the Congo aka The Sapeurs, is an impeccably stylish club made up of blue-collar workers in the African country of Congo. These immaculate men dedicates their time away from work to colourful fashion and sleek dance moves.

Guinness continues its “Made of More” campaign with this commercial and a dedicated documentary on this wonderful people. From carpenters to gravediggers, we see these real-life Sapeurs transforming themselves into authentic, vibrant icons.


Shot and filmed in South Africa, the Sapeurs have one simple philosophy: to defy circumstance and live with joie de vivre. It captures their commitment to style, their friendship and most importantly, their expression toward their beloved nation.





Bravo Sapeurs – truly inspirational.



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