Finding (Doggy) Love on Tinder

Find something better than true love.


We all know Tinder. Many of us use Tinder. Ultimately, we look for love. But what this bunch of interns from BBH chalked up is something brilliant (at least to me).

Instead of looking for Prince Charming or Princess Lovely, they decided to post pictures of abandoned puppies and dogs. These homeless pets from Social Trees Animal Rescue have been handed a lifeline thanks to the interns.

10 doggies were posted within a week. And the result, 2,700 matches. How about that! Although none of the dogs have been adopted, it has at least reached out to a large audience, thus creating that buzz of awareness. Would love to see this effort go on for the long run, posting more different animals.

This brilliant idea would pave the way for more non-profit organisations to take advantage of booming mobile apps, or even social platforms for that matter. It can be tricky but it’s still worth a shot.

Kudos to the future creative ideators.


These dogs have something to give beside love.



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