Chalking up a work of art

On Sunday or Monday nights, the magic happens.


When two college students from Columbus College of Art and Design decide to do something out of their syllabus, the outcome was ultimately magical. The anonymous duo who go by the name Dangerdust, sneak into a classroom each week and chalks up a masterpiece using nothing but, of course, chalk. Behold, inspiring art that you’ll ever see.

01-LS1WzAr 02-f8Q0vDA

03-jhBCKhi 04-YVyJ1mX

05-0GLq5vD 06-5WsoCwe

07-nRMWEhX 08-fqRMQLB

09-ioPFDMv 10-hjZaWy9

11-2DBhwns 12-OpMnUaH

13-r1V37UH 14-xElzR9d

15-AwvdzTC 16-tw03453

17-A4EHomj 18-C58OtqS

19-N2eJmPp 20-8B7elJ8

21-Wq86d5y 22-bCw4GAW

23-2eLtnQY 24-iBpLwHk

25-pA0T7Mc 26-fc6mGxu

27-zJxKHhO 28-wOnBuxU

All pics by Dangerdust.

Creative riot.



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