Censorship; saying this but doing that

3,000 paintballs in 5 seconds.


VidAngel, a company that cleans up streaming content online by filtering profanity, sex scenes, violence and so forth. So with a tagline that shouts “EVERY WORD HAS IMPACT”, the company that has a porno-vibe name released a crazy ad.

A family of four sits on a couch, heads covered a la execution and gets shot by 3,192 paintballs.

The final video is visually dramatic, decent and ballsy. Well the balls of steel goes to the victims of course. Production was good and the sound design is pretty creative. They made their point about profanity in movies and rode on that fact to prove their mission. Foul words COULD impact children. Well, the comments on YT is definitely flowery to say the least.

The company clearly have big issues with profanity, but less or almost none with violence. We know curse words are bad but violence…

The Spot


Behind The Scenes


Produced by Ackermania Creative, MysteryBox and Harmon Brothers.


VidAngel believes that it is the individuals responsibility to censor what they watch, not the governments job.



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