Dove’s Legacy

How girls feel about beauty starts from their mothers.


After the award-winning Real Beauty, Dove returns with another self-esteem spot named Legacy. With Ogilvy Paris, Dove continues to initiate real beauty, this time through their daughters.

In the video, five women were asked to write a list of things they like and don’t like about their bodies. And then, their daughters were given the same set of questions, and it’s their turn to list it down.

See how the mothers reacted after seeing what their own daughters wrote and be amazed. It was almost identical on what they dislike about their own bodies. And when they said about what they liked about their own, it was heartwarming.

“How I feel about myself, really affects how she feels about herself”, said one mother. The end supers leave a strong message – The way a girl feels about her beauty starts with how you feel about yours.

Dove kicks off the 5th Annual Self-Esteem Weekend at the United Nations on 9th October 2014, and leaves a message for all – What’s your beauty legacy?


The way we feel about ourselves ultimately affects our children.



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