The Love Formula by Dr Az Mara

He’s the man with the perfect formula for love.

cornetto dr az mara

Cornetto introduces its latest flavour – Red Velvet – by unveiling a fictional character, Dr. Az Mara. The name is derived from the Malay word ‘Asmara’, which means a romantic and passionate person.

Leading up to the launch of the new flavour, Dr. Az Mara was featured in a couple of videos that include a teaser, a TV spot and also online videos.

The idea relates the Red Velvet cake as a girl’s best friend. It’s like the ‘key’ to their heart (& love). So we have Dr Az Mara – the professor – to figure out the perfect formula to a girl’s heart. Nicely done, with good filming and post. Love the sound design. Fantastic acting. And most of all, it hits the target market on the spot.

Quirky, cheeky, funny. Great work! Enjoy the videos and let us know your thoughts.

It also has a Facebook App that explains in brief about the latest product and a short story to go with it. And yes, it’s all about love. Click here.

Facebook App Excerpt
Love conquers all. Without love, life is not complete. And to arouse the taste of love, the sweetness of the ice cream and the delicious cake were harmonised to create the Cornetto Red Velvet for everyone’s enjoyment.

Teaser – 15s

TV Spot – 30s

Online Version – 60s

Online – Experiment #55

Online – Experiment #205


Taste the perfect formula of love.



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