How comedians pay tribute to Derek Jeter

Bonus 4-minute screaming by Will Ferrell.


Comedians Chris Rock, Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell pays tribute to NY Yankees’ number 2 – Derek Jeter in two hilarious videos. First is a compilation of their tribute message/speech to the now retired Yankee captain Jeter and the second is a “funny or die” screaming by Will Ferrell annoying the crap out of Jeter (and us for that matter!). To add pain, he impersonates a Red Sox fan. Haha!

Always remembered as a ‘pretty good player’, ‘pretty good’…
Went out with two bangs, bang bang, cause you are number two.
Greatest Yankee to ever lived!
Hey Derek Jeter, you’re a bum! You’re a bum!


Will Ferrell, Chris Rock & Kevin Hart Says Goodbye To Derek Jeter

Will Ferrell Screams at Derek Jeter For A Full 4 Minutes


Tip your cap, Jeter!





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