Naughty Dirty Bird

And to complement the brand, a penis-shaped logo.


Dirty Bird is a food truck from Cardiff that serves fried chicken to the people. The branding is what we really wanna talk about. Let’s call them DFC, instead of the usual KFC.

The logo, features a rooster, shaped like a penis. Maybe cumming as well? Created by MarkJames_Works, the logo has since shocked a number of customers as they did not expect a food brand to have a phallic logo as their children chomps down delicious free-range fried chicken.

In the brand’s defense, they aptly said that it is based on “the lowercase initials of ‘d’ and ‘b'”, that resembles the company’s name. We think they could do better than that.

Anyway, here are some collaterals from Dirty Bird.




No bullshit, just fried chicken.



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