If children could choose their parents

A PSA targeted at parents who abuse alcohol.


Fragile Childhood, a Finland-based children’s charity association and ad agency Havas Worldwide Helsinki is back to instill further awareness toward drunken parents and their habit of abusing alcohol.

The new PSA video lets you imagine the thought of allowing orphans to choose their parents, and not the other way around. The studio setting is amazingly built and the filming looks beautiful. Parents are seen in an aquarium-like space as the two children walk as if they were window shopping. As they admire parents that they wish they could have, they were brought away to their parents, in reality.

The plot tells more of the story of an orphan’s life rather than an alcohol-abuse story. Nonetheless, its visually perfect with a good twist.

Fragile Childhood said:

“It is still not widely understood how much harm drinking problems at home cause to children. For example, previous research has shown that every fourth Finnish child has suffered some harm because of parent’s alcohol usage. Research carried out among Finnish teenagers aged 12-18 years shows that children think their parents ought not to drink at home and that they are much nicer when sober.”

The Orphanage


Putting pieces together.



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