Nothing miniature about the key message

A tale of the fishing industry today.


Bamboo Sushi wanted to develop a promotional video. Four Story Treehouse on the other hand thinks that the video should be more of an “from Bamboo Sushi” rather than an “about Bamboo Sushi”. The story that both decided on is about the fishing industry today.

The final piece is a masterpiece itself. Shot using miniature models – a simple art form – to depict a simple story and a simple message. Its visceral to say the least. It makes you stick to the video with full attention. It educates you. Motivates you. We learn from this video. The threats. The irresponsible actions. And how one brand, tries to deliver sustainable sushi for the betterment of the people, the world and nature.

Watch and you’ll know why it’s brilliant.



A global problem. A gigantic effort.



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