An inspiring and beautiful holiday spot


Field Notes, a paper product company has an idea – about remembrance and family. It was purely a creative project, a piece of branded content. Until production house North of New York came into the picture and transformed an idea into an inspiring piece of creative work.

A mixture of happy moments, dull and dreadful days and a celebration of fireworks were piece together for a thought-provoking visual. The impact of the spot was enhanced by poetry written by Adam Cote and delivered by Jarlath Conroy.

Writing stuff on paper is old-fashioned, but history is still written down until today. For memories are like lost if not written down.


The Spot


The Copy
Let us never forget the sprawling genius of a midnight dream, and how silly it seems in the light of day. Let us never forget the mundane and the beautiful. Let us never forget why we write. To remember what happened … what could have happened … what didn’t happen. We write to find out how it ends. So let us keep writing. And let us never forget how it feels to hold life in your hand.


An homage to heartfelt handwritten composition.


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