This is a kabe-don

It’s not creepy, it’s just their culture.


g.u. recently held a kabe-don event for the holiday season sale and it surely got ’em girls blushing. g.u., a Japanese fashion label, is owned by the mega-chain Uniqlo.

The girls simply had to ask the men if the clothes look good on them and *thud* they will do the kabe-don on them.

So what’s a kabe-don? It refers to a certain position where a man hits their hand against a wall so he could lean in for a smooch. Kabe means “wall” and don is the sound made when hitting the wall. That’s it! Pretty sexy huh?

Well, the girls certainly looked pleased. Just by watching the video and observing their facial expressions say it all. Men too were involved as they left nobody un-kabe-don. As well as playful moments with kids just for smiles.


Yeah girl, you look gorgeous in them.



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