Adidas #ThereWillBeHaters

This is how you take on the haters.


Personally, this is our favourite Adidas Football campaign – #ThereWillBeHaters. Featuring Luis Suarez (@LuisSuarez9), Gareth Bale (@GarethBale11), James Rodriguez (@jamesrodriguez) and Karim Benzema (@Benzema), the campaign shouts the hate, the hate that will only fuel their confidence and determination to give their ultimate best.

In a press statement, Adidas said, “The best players know that a great performance gathers ‘hate’ from fans and opponents, particularly on social media, which then continues to fuel their confidence to deliver even greater performances”.

Footballers are generally known for their flashy lifestyles, over-exuberant goal celebrations and of course, their good looks. Imminently, haters are born. The reason to be jealous. The video depicts the questions that haters hate about them. The script is fantastic and insightful . And the hashtags, it made it all stronger and more powerful.

But ultimately, it is them on the football pitch that does all the talking. Prove your worth or warm the benches.

The Spot

The Script
They hate the way you walk. #fail
They hate the way you talk. #shutup
They hate the way you stand up. And the way you stand out. #freak
They just want to take you out. And they hate that they couldn’t if they tried. #cheat
They hate that you score all the goals. And all the girls. #fugly
They hate it when you win. #smug
The way you celebrate. When you lift that trophy. Kiss your finger. #kissthis
They hate the way everyone’s talking about you. #blahblah
That you’ve got the magic touch. That you’re the best player on the street, the team, the pitch, the league, the country, the world. #takehimout #gameover #endhim #burn #destroy #arghh
And they hate your shiny new boots. #flash #boring #sucker #joke #fail
They hate your boots because they wish they were in them. #lol #trollthis
There will be haters


Hate this, haters.



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