Dear kitten, regarding the big game…

Today is going to get… weird.


To start, apparently a brand can only use the term “Super Bowl” if they are official sponsors. So this amazing video by online site BuzzFeed and Purina’s cat food brand, Friskies will be using the term “NFL championship game”. Didn’t I say it’s gonna be weird…

Anyway, the plot here is simple – Cat teaches Kitten about the game plan; the NFL championship game. Adapted from the Dear Kitten video series and voiced by BuzzFeed Motion Pictures president Ze Frank (@ZeFrank), Cat points out everything about what Human would do. And at the end of it, after being ignored for a good hour or so, how to get the Human’s attention. Straightforward, but tastefully done.

This video marked two stepping stones. First, this is the first time Friskies had ever advertised in the Super Bowl, I mean NFL championship game. Secondly, it’s BuzzFeed’s very first television commercial. And since it involves cats… it’s gonna be viral. 😉


A cornucopia of human moist food.



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