Aubrey Plaza & The Super Bowl

Newcastle’s Band of Brands


Droga5 and Aubrey Plaza (@EvilHag)has a thing for sarcasm. Can’t blame them when brands spend US$4million for 30 seconds of airtime during the Super Bowl.

And so Newcastle Brown Ale, infamous for being overly British and disliking Americans, decided to “crowdfund” that ridiculous-priced advertising spot with any brands out there. Earlier, a “crowdfund” video was launched – featuring Plaza of course – where a small contribution to the spot will get your brand’s logo on the Big Game. Called the “Band of Brands”, you may submit your proposal here at

“At first we tried to sneak our way into the Big Game by entering a popular commercial contest put on by a certain snack chip brand, but that didn’t work out for us. Now we’re trying to leverage ‘strength in numbers’ to see what that does for us,” said Priscilla Flores Dohnert, brand director for Newcastle Brown Ale. “Everyone loves a great underdog story. What’s more ‘underdog’ than being short on cash and not having the right to advertise during the game?”

Aubrey Plaza Calls for Brands


Aubrey Plaza Prepares America


My voice is permanently sarcastic.



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