Things NOT to have in your next radio commercial

Tips for your next award-winning (or just a regular) radio commercial.


Global CCO of Arnold Worldwide, Jim Elliott tells us what NOT to do if you want to win a Radio Mercury Award. Here are some pointers to stay away from.

  1. Repeated use of “Sunday”
  2. “Now is the best time to buy”
  3. Honky sound effects
  4. Screeching sound effect
  5. Born to be Wild song as a metaphor
  6. RTB disguised in a dialog
  7. Lists of product side effects
  8. Overly emotional pleas
  9. Movie trailer parodies
  10. Autotune
  11. Excessive echoes
  12. Classy VO + Not-so-classy script
  13. Bad writing + yelling
  14. Looooooooooong web address

In general, this should be the NOT TO DO LIST for any radio commercials, not just for award submissions. Get creative people!

Part 1

Part 2


By the way, this is a perfect way to promote CDs, ECDs, CCOs, GCCOs and what nots. I mean, being a judge to an award is pretty awesome, ain’t it?



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