It’s only human to heat things up

The sharper read gets human.


What was heating up soon exploded out of control. The latest installment of New Straits Times‘ A Sharper Read campaign digs deep into the human’s practical action of news consumption. As we are bombarded with news from all over the world, what catches our attention are speculative and controversial news, most of the time baseless.

The spot features a second-by-second account of the event shows how news would be translated and depicted by the people. The slow-motion shot of the fire looks awesome, keeping the audience at the edge of their seat. Kudos to the stuntmen!

A 30-seconder will be aired on local TV soon. Watch it and read it and tell us what d’ya think?


Firefighters In A Blaze (Teaser Video)

Caught Up In The Fire (Full Video)

Here comes 4.12 am on a not-so-good day
Here come casualties 5 and 6
Here comes the negligence suit
Here comes the truth and the lies
Here comes the speculation
Here come the Facebook likes

Because it’s only human to fan the fire

The facts and insight give a clearer picture

The New Straits Times
A Sharper Read


Print Ads



Creative Agency: Lucideas Creative
Production House: Reservoir World
Post-Production: Outpost Post Production


Don’t get caught up in the fire



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