Everyday heroes we take for granted

How dare you?!


Again, it’s IKEA. It’s only IKEA that will remind us of the things we take for granted. Your toilet brush, your closet hanger, your floor mat, your toilet roll holder, your faucet; the everyday heroes that make your life, our lives a better place to live on.

Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors puts us on a guilt trip with IKEA’s latest spot, “Everyday Heroes” (@EverydayHero365). While you may laugh while watching it, it is true that we always take it for granted. Day in and day out they are there for us, and we just ignore them.

What’s more engaging is the follow up call-to-action, calling the audience to tweet their everyday heroes and giving them the recognition it deserves. Well played IKEA.

It ultimately leads to the perfect brand placement – Find your own everyday heroes at http://www.IKEA.com. Again, brilliantly executed.

Oh, and check out the brilliant written script below:

Here’s to them
The everyday heroes we all take for granted
Self-sacrificing souls
Living in the shadow of others
Here’s to themWho’ve always got your back
Always reach out a hand
And always stand by your side
The fearless soldiers who serve in the trenches for the greater good
The reliable workhorses who light up your day
Dya in and day out
This is for them
Those who constitute the true definition of
And everyday hero.

#IKEA #EverydayHero


Who’s your everyday hero?



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