A message so big you can see it from space

Second biggest thing that happened in space.


While Red Bull Stratos tops all marketing content related to space, Hyundai got a little human and decided to send a (very huge) message to a particular someone.

Stephanie from Houston, Texas misses her father – an astronaut – very much. So much that Hyundai decided to bring the two of them closer together. One message that covers almost three and a half square miles of space. One message that could be seen by her dad in the International Space Station. One message of love.

A fleet of 10 Hyundai Genesis cars were used to write her message of love through the sands in Nevada. This grand production also caught the attention of the Guinness Book of Records.

On top of it all, viewers can also send their message to space from a dedicated microsite – www.amessagetospace.com

Music was kinda cheesy. 😉


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