By far the best ‘Quit Smoking’ initiative

Imagine ink made from smokers’ lungs.


BBDO Proximity Thailand produced one case study that could and would ultimately solve smoking issues for both current smokers and those wanting to smoke.

Working for the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, the ink was a result of working with the medical faculty at Chulalongkorn University. Materials were extracted from lungs donated after death by smokers. That’s it!

Then, they took the ink to the public at special events. The public could even use the ink to write messages and pledges. According to them, signups to quit smoking increased by 500% compared to the previous year.

Be amazed (and scared)!

This is not ordinary ink.
Because it was the life’s work of a man.
A man who spent 50 years of his life to make every drop of it…
…by smoking everyday.

The Message from the Lungs

World’s first ink made from smokers’ lungs


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