The Raya Ads Are Back

Controversies, laughter, sentimental moments and much more. A slew of Hari Raya ads is hitting MAdland (Malaysia Adland). Enjoy!

[UPDATED; new films below]


Astro Malaysia – Dari Hati Ayah
A true story of a dad’s sacrifice, hard work and patience…


BSN – Selamat-kan Hari Raya
Weird, but do watch them save Hari Raya… 


CIMB Malaysia – Linah
Nice twist. Lovely film…


Guardian Malaysia – Hikayat Guardian-pura
Biggest winner after Watsons’ setback. Similar story but well told here…


KFC Malaysia – Joget Abah
How his late father left him a legacy…


Lazada Malaysia – Raya Bersama Lazada dengan VR
A complete rip-off. LOL. <Old Irish Ad>


Lazz – Soalan Maut Hari Raya
LOL! For the aunties who never stop asking kepoh (busy-body) questions…


MyEG – Gitar Buruk
Brotherly love at its best…


MYNIC – #lagilagibahuluemak
14 minutes long. Didn’t finish watching it… Feels like a continuation from 2016…


Nando’s Malaysia – Ideal-fitri feat. The Relatives
Continuation from their CNY idea. Love the lyrics! LOL.


Pos Malaysia – Tepung Pelita untuk Abah
Lost in feelings… weird…


TNB – Dugaan Raya Aida #DugaanRaya
Funny stuff. Predictable ending though…


Traveloka Malaysia – Raya the Traveloka Way
Sheer fun! Makes me wanna go on a holiday now!


Watsons Malaysia – Legenda Cun Raya
14-freaking-minute of what-were-they-thinking (Original was taken down by Watsons)

Yeo’s – #DiariRamadhanOpah
Tells the story of grandma’s only wish…


Setia – Hati Dibuka, Kasih Dikongsi
When a sarcastic remark was taken literally. A lil exaggerated but it’s all good.


Maxis – Wayang Sayang
Great insight. 


Petronas – Donut ke karipap?
So… the boy chose the doughnut, and gave the curry puff away? Still confused…


Malaysia Airlines – #RayaAroundTheWorld
Well crafted. Watch how MAS lets you see how Hari Raya is celebrated around the world.


Celcom – Letters from Mak
Let mum cook. Period.


Sentral Suites by MRCB – Budak Nakal
Let kids be kids… 


TM – Kampung Batu 311 Diselubungi Misteri
In two words – good karma. Cute and funny story.

RHB Bank – Apa yang ditunggu-tunggu setiap kali Raya?
Hmmm… …..


Media Prima – #TerimaKasih
When two simple words mean more than just ‘thank you’, it is about ‘receiving love’.


Digi – Kasih Sayang Duit Raya Terbaik
Love lightens all burdens


U Mobile – Maafkan Kami feat. Kyoto Protocol
Telco troll seeks for forgiveness in this cutesy Raya ad


Will be updated when a new ad lands…



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