Laneige sees beauty in perfection

Having the eye for perfection is never easy.


Laneige Malaysia recently launched a new addition to their best selling Perfect Renew series – the Eye Serum – and worked together with two passionate influencers, Sharon Tan, a calligrapher, and Tan U-Mae, a cake decorator.

“We believe it was a different approach that Laneige could leverage on. Macro influencers have a huge following but lack the audience authenticity. Micro influencers like Sharon and U-Mae has a close-knit, almost like family following that resembles Laneige and its Malaysian fans”, said Kingdom Digital’s Head of Strategy.

Both are passionate about what they do, and having the eye for details play a vital role in their line of work. Their stories itself are very inspirational as both only discovered what they truly want to do in life at a later stage in their lives. It was all about hard work, belief and guts that brought them to where they are today, and success was simply the icing on the cake.

The spots were conceptualised by the independent agency, Kingdom Digital and produced by Untitled Films.


Sharon Tan


Tan U-Mae


It’s never too late to find your perfection.



Let us all not be judgmental

Unconscious actions that hurt psoriasis patients. 

Judgmental stares. Hurtful whispers. Hostile actions. These are just some things that we do unconsciously that could hurt people suffering from psoriasis. Let’s be more conscious with the people around us.

The film from Malaysian independent agency Kingdom Digital clearly shows how the protagonist, a psoriasis patient feels in the society and how he decided to change and move forward believing that change has to come from one self. 

Launched in conjunction of World Psoriasis Day, a social movement rolled out weeks before the global event, entitled #PsoriasisInsideOut where people were challenged to wear their clothes inside out. Many asked why and it’s rather simple. Wearing your clothes inside out will invite stares from people, and that’s how psoriasis patients feel every single time. 

Kudos to Novartis Malaysia for supporting this campaign and those who supported the movement. 

Check out the photos and get more information here:

The Film

The Bumpers

You are not alone with psoriasis.

Psoriasis? What’s that?

It is a common and chronic but non-contagious skin condition.


There you go. That’s what Psoriasis is. Personally, I’ve never heard of this particular skin condition before until recently. So I learned something new and here’s the crazy part; Psoriasis patients face a daily battle against us – the ‘normal’ people. Why? Our unconscious actions; stares, whispers, etc. (

So there’s an ongoing awareness campaign ( where people with and without Psoriasis are challenged to wear their clothes inside out. Why inside out? Two reasons.

One. Wearing your clothes inside out is going to attract unwanted stares and unconscious whispers. And this is exactly how Psoriasis patients feel every single day in their life.

Secondly. The theme for World Psoriasis Day is Inside Out. It’s a simple idea. One that is inline.


Let’s do this! #PsoriasisInsideOut


The Raya Ads Are Back

Controversies, laughter, sentimental moments and much more. A slew of Hari Raya ads is hitting MAdland (Malaysia Adland). Enjoy!

[UPDATED; new films below]


Astro Malaysia – Dari Hati Ayah
A true story of a dad’s sacrifice, hard work and patience…


BSN – Selamat-kan Hari Raya
Weird, but do watch them save Hari Raya… 


CIMB Malaysia – Linah
Nice twist. Lovely film…


Guardian Malaysia – Hikayat Guardian-pura
Biggest winner after Watsons’ setback. Similar story but well told here…


KFC Malaysia – Joget Abah
How his late father left him a legacy…


Lazada Malaysia – Raya Bersama Lazada dengan VR
A complete rip-off. LOL. <Old Irish Ad>


Lazz – Soalan Maut Hari Raya
LOL! For the aunties who never stop asking kepoh (busy-body) questions…


MyEG – Gitar Buruk
Brotherly love at its best…


MYNIC – #lagilagibahuluemak
14 minutes long. Didn’t finish watching it… Feels like a continuation from 2016…


Nando’s Malaysia – Ideal-fitri feat. The Relatives
Continuation from their CNY idea. Love the lyrics! LOL.


Pos Malaysia – Tepung Pelita untuk Abah
Lost in feelings… weird…


TNB – Dugaan Raya Aida #DugaanRaya
Funny stuff. Predictable ending though…


Traveloka Malaysia – Raya the Traveloka Way
Sheer fun! Makes me wanna go on a holiday now!


Watsons Malaysia – Legenda Cun Raya
14-freaking-minute of what-were-they-thinking (Original was taken down by Watsons)

Yeo’s – #DiariRamadhanOpah
Tells the story of grandma’s only wish…


Setia – Hati Dibuka, Kasih Dikongsi
When a sarcastic remark was taken literally. A lil exaggerated but it’s all good.


Maxis – Wayang Sayang
Great insight. 


Petronas – Donut ke karipap?
So… the boy chose the doughnut, and gave the curry puff away? Still confused…


Malaysia Airlines – #RayaAroundTheWorld
Well crafted. Watch how MAS lets you see how Hari Raya is celebrated around the world.


Celcom – Letters from Mak
Let mum cook. Period.


Sentral Suites by MRCB – Budak Nakal
Let kids be kids… 


TM – Kampung Batu 311 Diselubungi Misteri
In two words – good karma. Cute and funny story.

RHB Bank – Apa yang ditunggu-tunggu setiap kali Raya?
Hmmm… …..


Media Prima – #TerimaKasih
When two simple words mean more than just ‘thank you’, it is about ‘receiving love’.


Digi – Kasih Sayang Duit Raya Terbaik
Love lightens all burdens


U Mobile – Maafkan Kami feat. Kyoto Protocol
Telco troll seeks for forgiveness in this cutesy Raya ad


Will be updated when a new ad lands…


#throwback On Fantastic

Life as the big, odd guy

Epuron’s odd yet charming commercial is an example of the imagination gone wild. Who would have thought about portraying the wind as a person? A person that is often ignored, misunderstood, taken for granted and annoying. Such a great metaphor.


The wind. His potential is ours.


Emotional content that works

A look at a content strategy that works.


Thai Life Insurance is known for its tearjerker video content since the introduction of its Thai Good Stories campaign. The latest is a content titled “Opportunity” where we see the protagonists telling her story of overcoming adversity. The first of the lot was the video titled “Unsung Hero” and “Street Concert” following suit in 2014. Then came “Garbage Man” and “Follow the Father” in 2015.

What works? Emotional,  aspirational and empowering content has always been the foundation of Thai Life Insurance’s video content and strengthened with the support of a campaign microsite,

Check out the videos below:

2016 – Opportunity


2015 – Garbage Man


2015 – Follow the Father


2014 – Unsung Hero


2014 – Street Concert


Tug the hearts of the people by inspiring and empowering them to be better.


The Lighter Side of Christmas

Edeka takes a 360 spin after last year’s dark Christmas spot.


What got them on the map was 2015’s dark Christmas spot – #heimkommen – that opened they eyes of many.  This year, Edeka shows their softer, more emotional side with #Zeitschenken. Enjoy both videos!

2016 – #Zeitschenken


2015 – #heimkommen


Light V Dark



In Ram We Give Praise

Ram Trucks pay homage to blue-collar Americans.


Another fantastic piece of work from Ram Trucks after the highly successful “Farmer” ad. Never a disappointment from these guys.

From the single working mother of three to the grandfather who spent a lifetime in the mill, Ram Truck’s “PRAISE” recognizes all who labor to make their families, and this nation, strong.

PRAISE is a tribute to every member of the American working class, and an homage to all who rely on Ram trucks day in and day out to get the job done.


Poetic. Aspirational. Brilliant.