The Man Who Convinced The World

The story of the man who convinced the world different types of wine deserved different glasses.


Most of us have different types of wine glasses at home – why is that? If asked, we’ll probably say we need different glasses for different kinds of wine. We might say red wine needs a wider glass for the fuller aroma, while white wine needs a smaller, narrower glass for the more delicate flavour.

That’s what we honestly believe about different sorts of glasses. That the shapes have evolved over time, and people always drank different wines from the best glasses for that particular wine. But that’s not the truth – it’s clever marketing. We can learn a lot from Austrian glassmaker Claus Riedel. Because, unlike most marketing people, he understood the difference between talking to “triallists” and talking to “current users”.

You can’t serve different wines from the same glasses.

Most of us kneejerk into talking to “triallists” without giving it a second’s thought. We list what’s good about our brand or product and look for new consumers – people who haven’t tried it yet. But what if the market has reached saturation, especially with a consumer durable: something people don’t buy often? How do you grow a market where everyone already has what you make and doesn’t need more of it?

Riedel was the first person to see an opportunity in talking to that market. Until the 1950s, most people had just one set of glasses and they used them for whatever drinks guests wanted: white wine, red wine etc. Riedel was the first to introduce the concept of different glasses for different wines. He said a single set won’t do – you can’t serve different wines from the same glasses.

So, in 1958, he launched the Burgundy Grand Cru glass at the Brussels World’s Fair. It was designed to “enhance the flavours and aromas of the Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo grape variety, specifically for Burgundy, Barolo and Barbaresco wines”. A glass made specially for a particular wine was a new concept. It won the Gold Medal and was acquired by the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Then, in 1961, Riedel introduced the first full line of wine glasses created for different wines. And in 1973, Riedel introduced the Sommeliers Series, the world’s first gourmet glasses.

Now, on Riedel’s website, it says: “Claus Riedel is best known for creating grape variety-specific glassware designed to enhance types of wine based on specific properties of individual grape varieties. He was among the first glassware experts in history to recognise that the taste of wine is affected by the shape of the glass, and is credited with first discovering and developing variety-specific glassware shapes and bringing these glasses to the consumer market.”

If he could make people want different wine glasses, he’d have that market to himself.

Riedel was in charge of the family company that had been in business since 1756. It must have been very hard to give up being a glassware company to become a specialist “wine glass company”, especially as different wine glasses didn’t even exist. But Riedel saw it as an opportunity to stop competing with every other glassware company. If he could make people want different wine glasses, he’d have that market to himself. But first, he would have to build the market for different wine glasses. He’d have to sell different types of glasses to people who thought one set was enough. He’d have to explain why one set wasn’t nearly enough. People love to believe wine is esoteric, so the more inscrutable he could make it, the better. Riedel grew the market by adding a whole new level of complexity.

By allowing people to demonstrate being part of the cognoscenti. He built a new market on the back of the glass market that existed, by reinventing wine drinking. And that is genuine creative thinking.


Original Article by Campaign Asia written by Dave Trott, author of Creative Blindness and How to Cure It, Creative Mischief, Predatory Thinking and One Plus One Equals Three.


Malaysia CNY Ads – Part 6

Jeng jeng jeng… sweet number 6.

The typical mix of emotional and humorous Chinese New Year ads are upon us. Plus a few “what just happened” ads too. Here’s the collection for your viewing.


Grab – TenkiuFaCai
Can feel anot? Dunno what to feel oh…

Anchor Beer – Real Beer for a Real Chinese New Year
The anti-ad ads from Anchor just want you to spend more time with your loved ones.

Cause it’s an alcoholic brand, videos can’t be embedded. Click here to watch it.

CIMB – Gong Xi Nasi Lemak
Oh my, is that Leha all grown up? Wow! But her voice…

BDB Land – Backpack
Dramatic slow-mos galore!

Sime Darby Property – SDP Stories: Chinese New Year
Kids, why you outside on the street so late at night?!


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And we are done for 2018! See you in 2019!


Malaysia CNY Ads – Part 5

Would you believe it? There is a Part 5! 

The typical mix of emotional and humorous Chinese New Year ads are upon us. Plus a few “what just happened” ads too. Here’s the collection for your viewing.


Hong Leong Bank – A Reunion of Treasures
How about some smooth rapping for a change?

Daikin – A CNY Ad
We don’t just deliver air-conditioners, we deliver it by Choy San Yeh.

Digi – Journey to a Reunion
Wow, that was unexpected. 

AIA – From the Heart, From the Start
Get ’em tissues out.

KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital – What’s Wrong, Ong?
I really hope he’s real. Everything you can ask for in a film – emo, humour, breaking the fourth wall, etc.

Star Media Group – Ah Ma learns the truth
Now, who can blame that cute cuddly furkid?

Mah Sing Group – The Forgotten Ones
A different approach to the regular CNY ads.

MSIG – Untitled
You don’t see this often at all – a cat and a dog in a film.

Panadol – Untitled
Ermm… okay…

Faber-Castell – Tack-It?
No no no no no. What just happened?!


From Hong Kong

Hong Kong Tourism Board – Good Fortune Everywhere
Yup, everywhere in Hong Kong.


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Malaysia CNY Ads – Part 4

There is a part 4!

The typical mix of emotional and humorous Chinese New Year ads are upon us. Plus a few “what just happened” ads too. Here’s the collection for your viewing.

Watsons – Happy Beautiful Year
No black face here but just white fair ones.

mySAFEBOX – A Family Heirloom
My preciousssssss

Gaviscon – #JiakSongSong
True to the brand… let’s eat!

Pos Malaysia – Untitled
What just happened? I lost count…

Nissan Malaysia – My One Better Than Your One
Sibling rivalry is real. And that ‘truck pool’ looks good!

Celcom – 5 Sekawan Selamanya
The five friends return in this emotional ad.

Malaysia Airlines – Tradition is at the heart of MH
So true to the brand. Branding exercise looking good!

TNB – The Coming Together
These mischievous kids are pretty entertaining.

Old Town White Coffee – The Approval
Coffee for your FIL? Any proven testimonials to share?

Gamuda Land – A Community where Happiness Lives
All you need is an SOS app to put out the fire.


From China – Joy & Heron
By far the only animated film and it surely didn’t disappoint.


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Malaysia CNY Ads – Part 3

Here’s part 3…

The typical mix of emotional and humorous Chinese New Year ads are upon us. Plus a few “what just happened” ads too. Here’s the collection for your viewing.

Super Coffee – Super Prosperity Box
Coffee so good, you wanna come back for more (as different personalities). A close number 6…

RHB – Perseverance
A collaboration with our very own diver. Don’t quite see the connection to the brand.

Eu Yan Sang – A Short Film
A wonderful plot twist. Although the subtitles may have given it away.

Hisense – A Music Video
This coming from a World Cup sponsor… Seven…

Prudential Malaysia – Interviews
CNY now or CNY then? Asian parents are not that cold after all. 

Yakult – Toss for Health. Toss for Wealth.
If any of you tried what they did at the end, do drop a comment here.

Aeon – Joy. Happiness. Eternal. Prosperity.
Green screen rocks! Let this family convince you to shop here.

Lazada Malaysia – Gong Xi Fa Cai 2018
This is sooo CNY now. Finger shopping…

Listerine – Smile of Fortune
A bright smile goes a long way.

Yes 4G – Three generations. One reunion.
Moral of the story, don’t make grandpa angry.

From across the causeway, here are some ads from our neighbours, Singapore.

Tiger Beer – The Reunion Project
Why aren’t you home, my child?

Nokia – Be The Gift
A mother’s love goes beyond long travels…


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Malaysia CNY Ads – Part 2

The wave continues…

The typical mix of emotional and humorous Chinese New Year ads are upon us. Plus a few “what just happened” ads too. Here’s the collection for your viewing.

Darlie – A Year of Golden Fortune
How about a pair of a gold toothbrush? Funny stuff from the toothpaste brand. 

Hatten Group – Where my heart belongs…
Second of the “what just happened” ads…

Lee Kum Kee – The Joyous Taste of Reunion
A rather interesting story where 6 families from different dialects in Malaysia are brought together by one thing – food.

Lion Group Property – Happiness is Home
Number 3 goes to this. Fighting brothers that had me at ‘Lost’…

Petronas – A Long Way Home
Felt a little disappointed with this ad from Petronas. Not much of a story.

Setia – Stay Together. Stay Setia.
Too cute. A little boy’s innocence that brought the family closer together. If you are curious about chopsticks and its history, watch it.

AirAsia – Pawsperous
How about an ad from the POV of a dog? 

Master Weixuan – Satu Malaysia
I think he’s a feng shui master. Anyway, what’s the lion doing in the middle of the road? Number 4…

Pizza Hut – Kongsi Gong Xi Happiness
Cute lil boy who knows how to make gramps happy. Not too much cheese, gramps.

F&N – CNY 2018
Hmmm… number 5. I guess we all know F&N has been around for generations…

Something from China…

Budweiser – Marathon
Toast twice they say. One to dad, one to mum.

Apple – Three Minutes
Aww man… this struck a nerve. 


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Malaysia CNY Ads – Part 1

The wave of ads is flooding in…

The typical mix of emotional and humorous Chinese New Year ads are upon us. Plus a few “what just happened” ads too. Here’s the collection for your viewing.

U Mobile – The Most Kaww CNY Ad
It’s all about the number 9, which also means dog in Cantonese. Happy Year of the Dog folks!

Traveloka – Wander with Wonder
A story of a mother who goes the distance for her child. Lovely story and well produced.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia – Traditions. Blessings. Home
After last year’s disastrous ads, this is what Merc responded. Three episodes that are supposed to be linked but somehow got lost in translation.

Maxis – It’s time to HuatAR
How about a talking lion this year? Love the idea and production but not too sure about the app.

Pepsi/ 7-Up – Your Name, Your Story
A touching story of a father who is illiterate and an angry child. 

Coca-Cola – Claydoll
Nothing much here… – Uncover Prosperity
The singing plumber returns and this time, he’s giving you this year’s lucky number. 

Nando’s Malaysia – Grand Master Gillian Three
Get your Hot-oscope now from Gillian Three here!

Pensonic – Going Home
First of the “what just happened” ads. Seriously, one word, lost.

EcoWorld & Sin Chew Daily – Kindred Hearts
Asian fathers always look stern but deep down they are just softies.


From across the causeway, here are some ads from our neighbours, Singapore.

Singtel – Mr Lim’s Reunion Dinner
Thankfully the children came back…

StarHub – Never Grow Apart
A lesson on being a good son. What about dad?

Lazada Singapore – CNY 2018
Dong chiang dong chiang dong chian dong chiang…


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Laneige sees beauty in perfection

Having the eye for perfection is never easy.


Laneige Malaysia recently launched a new addition to their best selling Perfect Renew series – the Eye Serum – and worked together with two passionate influencers, Sharon Tan, a calligrapher, and Tan U-Mae, a cake decorator.

“We believe it was a different approach that Laneige could leverage on. Macro influencers have a huge following but lack the audience authenticity. Micro influencers like Sharon and U-Mae has a close-knit, almost like family following that resembles Laneige and its Malaysian fans”, said Kingdom Digital’s Head of Strategy.

Both are passionate about what they do, and having the eye for details play a vital role in their line of work. Their stories itself are very inspirational as both only discovered what they truly want to do in life at a later stage in their lives. It was all about hard work, belief and guts that brought them to where they are today, and success was simply the icing on the cake.

The spots were conceptualised by the independent agency, Kingdom Digital and produced by Untitled Films.


Sharon Tan


Tan U-Mae


It’s never too late to find your perfection.


Let us all not be judgmental

Unconscious actions that hurt psoriasis patients. 

Judgmental stares. Hurtful whispers. Hostile actions. These are just some things that we do unconsciously that could hurt people suffering from psoriasis. Let’s be more conscious with the people around us.

The film from Malaysian independent agency Kingdom Digital clearly shows how the protagonist, a psoriasis patient feels in the society and how he decided to change and move forward believing that change has to come from one self. 

Launched in conjunction of World Psoriasis Day, a social movement rolled out weeks before the global event, entitled #PsoriasisInsideOut where people were challenged to wear their clothes inside out. Many asked why and it’s rather simple. Wearing your clothes inside out will invite stares from people, and that’s how psoriasis patients feel every single time. 

Kudos to Novartis Malaysia for supporting this campaign and those who supported the movement. 

Check out the photos and get more information here:

The Film

The Bumpers

You are not alone with psoriasis.

Psoriasis? What’s that?

It is a common and chronic but non-contagious skin condition.


There you go. That’s what Psoriasis is. Personally, I’ve never heard of this particular skin condition before until recently. So I learned something new and here’s the crazy part; Psoriasis patients face a daily battle against us – the ‘normal’ people. Why? Our unconscious actions; stares, whispers, etc. (

So there’s an ongoing awareness campaign ( where people with and without Psoriasis are challenged to wear their clothes inside out. Why inside out? Two reasons.

One. Wearing your clothes inside out is going to attract unwanted stares and unconscious whispers. And this is exactly how Psoriasis patients feel every single day in their life.

Secondly. The theme for World Psoriasis Day is Inside Out. It’s a simple idea. One that is inline.


Let’s do this! #PsoriasisInsideOut