Psoriasis? What’s that?

It is a common and chronic but non-contagious skin condition.


There you go. That’s what Psoriasis is. Personally, I’ve never heard of this particular skin condition before until recently. So I learned something new and here’s the crazy part; Psoriasis patients face a daily battle against us – the ‘normal’ people. Why? Our unconscious actions; stares, whispers, etc. (

So there’s an ongoing awareness campaign ( where people with and without Psoriasis are challenged to wear their clothes inside out. Why inside out? Two reasons.

One. Wearing your clothes inside out is going to attract unwanted stares and unconscious whispers. And this is exactly how Psoriasis patients feel every single day in their life.

Secondly. The theme for World Psoriasis Day is Inside Out. It’s a simple idea. One that is inline.


Let’s do this! #PsoriasisInsideOut



Kucing Happy Returns

BSN’s iconic Happy Cat returns for Malaysia’s National Day.


Kucing Happy is thinking about migrating. Would he? Should he? Check out the videos to find out more.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3


Thank you and goodbye… forever. LOL!


Togetherness, the backbone of Malaysia


Brands continue to reinforce the aspect of Togetherness.


Here are some of the many National Day / Independence Day ads in Malaysia. From a quirky cat-median to creative 360 films and down to the usual emotional path, the list is pretty interesting and unique.

Check it out!

#BukalaHati / Digi

Rojak360 / Maxis (3 videos)
Lost & Found by The Ming Thing

Rojak Cow Cow by Veedu Production

Cham Cham by RED People

The Last Kite Maker / Maxis

#TakeCare / Petronas

#KucingHappyPindah / BSN

#AkuOmar / MYNIC

Deka / UMW

#KitaMalaysia / CIMB

#MalaysianFirst / AirAsia

#AnakAnakMalaysia Heroes / EcoWorld


Happy Merdeka Malaysia!


Not too shabby, Milo Malaysia

Great start to your mornings.


To cement their position as Malaysia’s No.1 breakfast drink, Milo Malaysia decided to make any given day a little more excitement. A game played on your smartphone synced to your desktop. And a techie call-to-action video. Not too shabby really. Kudos.


Take the Challenge
Ready, Breakfast, Go! (

What do you guys think?

3 amazing films we are competing against

Finalist again for Adfest.


While last year’s win in the Radio Lotus put us – Lucideas Creative – on the advertising map, this year’s competition would be a tougher one. New Straits Times‘ “Viral Outbreak” won the award under “Best of Travel, Entertainment and Communication Media”.

This year, we are the finalist for Film Lotus, under “Best of Communication Media & Publications”. In fact, we have two entries, “Cloud of Confusion” and “Caught Up In The Fire”.

The competition consists of “Life is not a marathon” by Recruit Points (2014 Bronze Lion winner), “I am Mumbai” by Mumbai Mirror and “Blind taste” by Thairath TV. These videos are brilliant in their own way, from film production right up to the idea-storming sessions.


Check out the competition, and let us know who are your possible winners. 😉

“Cloud of Confusion” by New Straits Times, Malaysia


“Caught up in the fire” by New Straits Times, Malaysia


“Life is not a marathon” by Recruit Points, Japan


“Blind taste” by Thairath TV, Thailand


“I am Mumbai” by Mumbai Mirror, India


It’s heating up alright


When a minute of silence is virtue

McCann Malaysia’s brilliant effective action.


The Malaysian government declared August 22 as the National Day of Mourning for the victims of the MH370 and MH17 tragedies. In an effort to pay our respects, McCann Malaysia created a mobile website and invited Malaysians and the rest of the world to disconnect from the Internet to observe this day of mourning starting at 10:45am.

Participants simply need to go to the website – – and activate airplane mode on their mobile device to start their minute. This simple execution and action got global coverage as the awareness spread like wildfire.


Kudos McCann, well done.


Art-inspired Deepavali celebration

Local telco DiGi sees unity in art.


DiGi Telecommunications, part of Telenor Group celebrates Deepavali with an interactive YouTube video that allows YouTubers to remix their own video.

Four different videos form the art of a kolam, crafted using techniques of spray painting (graffiti), fruits & vegetables, flowers and the traditional coloured rice. Four people of different ethnicity represents one technique, depicting “little differences that bring people together”.

What say you?


Art! Inspiration! And a friendship we share as Malaysians.


So free ah?

Local Malaysian telco U Mobile’s latest spot.


U Mobile came to life in 2007 and is one of the youngest competitor in the telecommunication industry in Malaysia. Being young also makes them target the younger generation of mobile users – the savvy and social Gen-Ys and Gen-Zs.

And their latest ad spot is very much young and Malaysian. Titled “So free ah?“, which loosely translates to “Are you that free?” or “Don’t you have anything to do?“, the spot shows how these millenials are so absorbed in the social world because of their FREE CALLS & INTERNET offerings.

Quirky, well-acted and direct, this spot could relate to the locals in an instant, especially with the title being a Malaysian slang.

What do you think of this local spot?




The Love Formula by Dr Az Mara

He’s the man with the perfect formula for love.

cornetto dr az mara

Cornetto introduces its latest flavour – Red Velvet – by unveiling a fictional character, Dr. Az Mara. The name is derived from the Malay word ‘Asmara’, which means a romantic and passionate person.

Leading up to the launch of the new flavour, Dr. Az Mara was featured in a couple of videos that include a teaser, a TV spot and also online videos.

The idea relates the Red Velvet cake as a girl’s best friend. It’s like the ‘key’ to their heart (& love). So we have Dr Az Mara – the professor – to figure out the perfect formula to a girl’s heart. Nicely done, with good filming and post. Love the sound design. Fantastic acting. And most of all, it hits the target market on the spot.

Quirky, cheeky, funny. Great work! Enjoy the videos and let us know your thoughts.

It also has a Facebook App that explains in brief about the latest product and a short story to go with it. And yes, it’s all about love. Click here.

Facebook App Excerpt
Love conquers all. Without love, life is not complete. And to arouse the taste of love, the sweetness of the ice cream and the delicious cake were harmonised to create the Cornetto Red Velvet for everyone’s enjoyment.

Teaser – 15s

TV Spot – 30s

Online Version – 60s

Online – Experiment #55

Online – Experiment #205


Taste the perfect formula of love.


Maybank: Humanising Banking

Maybank receives their best ever birthday gift.


Malaysia’s best local bank, Maybank, celebrated their 54th birthday on the 12th of September in true heartwarming fashion. They reached out to their customers across Malaysia and delivered surprises to them. As compelling as it is, they reached out to the most needy, giving them surprises for their undying commitment towards their family.

And what they got in return was their best ever birthday present – the smiles, the happiness, the joy – from their very own customers.

Watch the joy and tell us your views on the video.