Here come the festive ads

Of tear-jerkers, great humour, awe-inspiring moments, cute monsters….


And some no-you-didnt-do-thats, copy-cats, w-t-fs and parodies. Malaysia’s festive Hari Raya ads are back! Go on, take your time.


Adik – #BolehAdikIkut // Malaysia Airlines


#Sarikatahati // Maxis


Vroom Vroom // Petronas


Pengacau Balik Raya // Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN)


#LepasTu // Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB)


Syawal Dirai, Keluarga Dihargai // EcoWorld Development


Seindah Komuniti, Semanis Famili // Setia


Kisah Benar Zika // Astro Malaysia


The Missing Ingredient // SkyWorld Development


Aidilfitri Yang Amat Bermakna // Naza


Siberturahim // Samsung Malaysia


Rezeki Yang Dikongsi Lebih Diberkati // TM


Gaya Sama-sama, Raya Sama-sama // Guardian Malaysia


#RayaNiMestiCun // Watsons Malaysia


Aku Bawa Hari Raya Kepada Engkau // Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB)


Jom Raya 2016 // Maybank


Hari Raya 2016 // Daikin Malaysia


#BahuluEmak // MYNIC


SingTel Singapore


Ali’s Fried Chicken


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf zahir & batin.


Throwback Thursday

A little laughter goes a long way.


Here’s Hollywood funny men Jack Black and Will Ferrell enlightening the crowd with some awesome singing at the 76th Annual Academy Awards.

Get Off The Stage


You’re boring…


Tune Hotels gets cheeky

With a fully nude dude too!


Tune Hotels, part of the Tony Fernandes owned Tune Group, recently launched a series of online videos targeted at the younger audience. Created by their in-house creative team, agency Creative Juice KL, part of TBWA KL, offered more creative support when the 3 videos were launched to commemorate their 7 Million Guests campaign, selling their key propositions of “5-star bed” and “Power shower”.

Well, as we all know, the hotel provides the basic amenities – bed and shower – for free. Additional items are normally charged. Hence the line that reminds us, “Who needs a…”. Three quirky individuals were introduced to strengthen that thought. Unless you are like any of the three fellas, you would probably need those amenities, with a charge.

Wonder if that nude dude actually made it to TV, knowing the strict rulings of the Censorship Board.

Mr Calvin (Air-Dryer)


Mr Chin (Self-Entertainer)


Mr Arshad (All Natural Gentleman)


Humourous. Period.


Mini creates, Lexus innovates, Porsche salutes

A tale of idea innovation.


Lexus in Australia recently ran a campaign for their newest brand positioning – This is the New Lexus. It was a simple interactive smart billboards that were placed in major roads around Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. M&C Saatchi came out with the idea and collaborated with outdoor advertising experts APN Outdoor and Australia’s largest independent media agency TMS.

These smart billboards are so, well smart, that it could identify the brand, model and colour of the passing vehicles to trigger a personal and quirky message to the drivers. Some messages that were displayed digitally on the billboard:

  • Hey white Audi driver, it’s time to Crossover.
  • Hey black Merc driver, the heavens have opened.
  • Hey white Evoque, it’s never too late to cross over.

Well, this is a great innovation. Probably inspired by MINI’s Not Normal interactive billboard. It might not be fully automated, MINI’s campaign was far more engaging. Personal messages to brighten one’s day? Awesome. Messages that feel how we all love MINI? Stupendous. The brand really connected with their fans and consumers in a very human and personal way.

While the Lexus campaign’s engineering and technology is pretty awesome, it didn’t feel personal. Yes, it talked to the consumers of switching over but it felt a little forceful – didn’t really connect with the brand.

Also, MINI’s technology was not too shabby as well. It is sync to the billboard from the tablet, wireless! And to cap it, on-ground activation for the drivers. Now that’s a personal touch.

Let’s compare fun and marketing. Oh look, Porsche has joined us…


MINI – Not Normal

Lexus – This is the New Lexus



Idea Innovation; the way to go.


Ford Invites You To a Haunted Car Wash

The spookiest car wash ever!


For the sake of Halloween, Ford Motors decided to make their very own prankvertising – The Spooky Car Wash Prank. On an ordinary test drive, 30 strangers were asked to stop for a car wash, and it blew the living daylights off them.

Unwary of what’s going to happen to them, the car wash was odd by itself where instead of the usual wringers spinning, it was done manually by the car wash dudes. The best part, having a monster scaring them from the inside!

Well, the guys kinda got a hang of it after a while… Good fun indeed. 😉


Happy belated Halloween!


(Part 3) Weird Wednesday: New World Supermarket

The epic weirdness.


It looks like oddity has infected the Kiwis. Thank you Australia. So here’s NZ-owned New World Supermarket‘s version of weird supermarket commercials. Gone are the price-centric commercials, long live quirky tactical ads!

Lovin’ it!

The Fruit & Vege Pro

The Daily Baker

The Dedicated Bag Packer

The Fishmonger Genius

The In-Store Master Butcher


100% New Zealand oddity.


The wonders of Viagra

Fiat shows you what Viagra could do (to their cars).


We all know what Viagra could do. Ironically, that’s the punchline for the Fiat 500X SUV. It’s an ad that make you go “what the hell?!” followed by a laughter. Can’t seem to figure out the idea but the plot is pretty straightforward. The Fiat swallows a blue pill and instantly became big. Period.

Oh, here’s the punchline. “Bigger, More Powerful and Ready For Action“.

Agency The Richards Group executed the spot to perfection (I’ll have to admit), weird enough. Well, here’s a direct visual of what Viagra could do, for the curious.

Oh my, that is one bouncy pill. And the ladies’ reaction… well watch it for yourself.


(Part 2) Weird Wednesday: Aldi Grocery Store

The oddities continue…


The second part of weirdness sticks with Aldi Australia‘s past campaign – Price Reductions. These spots consist of the people’s REACTION towards the REDUCTION. Love the quirky script too.

We are seriously loving these ads by Aldi.


Aldi got balls!


(Part 1) Weird Wednesday: Aldi Grocery Store

Grocery store ads are weird, at least in the land Down Under.


We assume the latest trend in marketing a grocery store is to be odd; especially in Australia.

Aldi Australia, with over 300 stores scattered across the land Down Under, is an international grocery store that opened its doors in Germany way back in 1913. With such rich history, we just wonder how oddity crept into its Australian arm.

And this is one of Aldi’s many campaigns, Like Brands. Only Cheaper. Videos worth watching (and if you are feeling really down). Or at least just smirk.


Like Brands. Only Cheaper.