Psoriasis? What’s that?

It is a common and chronic but non-contagious skin condition.


There you go. That’s what Psoriasis is. Personally, I’ve never heard of this particular skin condition before until recently. So I learned something new and here’s the crazy part; Psoriasis patients face a daily battle against us – the ‘normal’ people. Why? Our unconscious actions; stares, whispers, etc. (

So there’s an ongoing awareness campaign ( where people with and without Psoriasis are challenged to wear their clothes inside out. Why inside out? Two reasons.

One. Wearing your clothes inside out is going to attract unwanted stares and unconscious whispers. And this is exactly how Psoriasis patients feel every single day in their life.

Secondly. The theme for World Psoriasis Day is Inside Out. It’s a simple idea. One that is inline.


Let’s do this! #PsoriasisInsideOut



The Raya Ads Are Back

Controversies, laughter, sentimental moments and much more. A slew of Hari Raya ads is hitting MAdland (Malaysia Adland). Enjoy!

[UPDATED; new films below]


Astro Malaysia – Dari Hati Ayah
A true story of a dad’s sacrifice, hard work and patience…


BSN – Selamat-kan Hari Raya
Weird, but do watch them save Hari Raya… 


CIMB Malaysia – Linah
Nice twist. Lovely film…


Guardian Malaysia – Hikayat Guardian-pura
Biggest winner after Watsons’ setback. Similar story but well told here…


KFC Malaysia – Joget Abah
How his late father left him a legacy…


Lazada Malaysia – Raya Bersama Lazada dengan VR
A complete rip-off. LOL. <Old Irish Ad>


Lazz – Soalan Maut Hari Raya
LOL! For the aunties who never stop asking kepoh (busy-body) questions…


MyEG – Gitar Buruk
Brotherly love at its best…


MYNIC – #lagilagibahuluemak
14 minutes long. Didn’t finish watching it… Feels like a continuation from 2016…


Nando’s Malaysia – Ideal-fitri feat. The Relatives
Continuation from their CNY idea. Love the lyrics! LOL.


Pos Malaysia – Tepung Pelita untuk Abah
Lost in feelings… weird…


TNB – Dugaan Raya Aida #DugaanRaya
Funny stuff. Predictable ending though…


Traveloka Malaysia – Raya the Traveloka Way
Sheer fun! Makes me wanna go on a holiday now!


Watsons Malaysia – Legenda Cun Raya
14-freaking-minute of what-were-they-thinking (Original was taken down by Watsons)

Yeo’s – #DiariRamadhanOpah
Tells the story of grandma’s only wish…


Setia – Hati Dibuka, Kasih Dikongsi
When a sarcastic remark was taken literally. A lil exaggerated but it’s all good.


Maxis – Wayang Sayang
Great insight. 


Petronas – Donut ke karipap?
So… the boy chose the doughnut, and gave the curry puff away? Still confused…


Malaysia Airlines – #RayaAroundTheWorld
Well crafted. Watch how MAS lets you see how Hari Raya is celebrated around the world.


Celcom – Letters from Mak
Let mum cook. Period.


Sentral Suites by MRCB – Budak Nakal
Let kids be kids… 


TM – Kampung Batu 311 Diselubungi Misteri
In two words – good karma. Cute and funny story.

RHB Bank – Apa yang ditunggu-tunggu setiap kali Raya?
Hmmm… …..


Media Prima – #TerimaKasih
When two simple words mean more than just ‘thank you’, it is about ‘receiving love’.


Digi – Kasih Sayang Duit Raya Terbaik
Love lightens all burdens


U Mobile – Maafkan Kami feat. Kyoto Protocol
Telco troll seeks for forgiveness in this cutesy Raya ad


Will be updated when a new ad lands…


Togetherness, the backbone of Malaysia


Brands continue to reinforce the aspect of Togetherness.


Here are some of the many National Day / Independence Day ads in Malaysia. From a quirky cat-median to creative 360 films and down to the usual emotional path, the list is pretty interesting and unique.

Check it out!

#BukalaHati / Digi

Rojak360 / Maxis (3 videos)
Lost & Found by The Ming Thing

Rojak Cow Cow by Veedu Production

Cham Cham by RED People

The Last Kite Maker / Maxis

#TakeCare / Petronas

#KucingHappyPindah / BSN

#AkuOmar / MYNIC

Deka / UMW

#KitaMalaysia / CIMB

#MalaysianFirst / AirAsia

#AnakAnakMalaysia Heroes / EcoWorld


Happy Merdeka Malaysia!


Here come the festive ads

Of tear-jerkers, great humour, awe-inspiring moments, cute monsters….


And some no-you-didnt-do-thats, copy-cats, w-t-fs and parodies. Malaysia’s festive Hari Raya ads are back! Go on, take your time.


Adik – #BolehAdikIkut // Malaysia Airlines


#Sarikatahati // Maxis


Vroom Vroom // Petronas


Pengacau Balik Raya // Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN)


#LepasTu // Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB)


Syawal Dirai, Keluarga Dihargai // EcoWorld Development


Seindah Komuniti, Semanis Famili // Setia


Kisah Benar Zika // Astro Malaysia


The Missing Ingredient // SkyWorld Development


Aidilfitri Yang Amat Bermakna // Naza


Siberturahim // Samsung Malaysia


Rezeki Yang Dikongsi Lebih Diberkati // TM


Gaya Sama-sama, Raya Sama-sama // Guardian Malaysia


#RayaNiMestiCun // Watsons Malaysia


Aku Bawa Hari Raya Kepada Engkau // Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB)


Jom Raya 2016 // Maybank


Hari Raya 2016 // Daikin Malaysia


#BahuluEmak // MYNIC


SingTel Singapore


Ali’s Fried Chicken


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf zahir & batin.


Not too shabby, Milo Malaysia

Great start to your mornings.


To cement their position as Malaysia’s No.1 breakfast drink, Milo Malaysia decided to make any given day a little more excitement. A game played on your smartphone synced to your desktop. And a techie call-to-action video. Not too shabby really. Kudos.


Take the Challenge
Ready, Breakfast, Go! (

What do you guys think?

Innovative way to curb domestic violence

The Japanese doing what they do best – innovation

yaocho-ogilvy tokyo-the-violent-coasters

In a bid to combat domestic violence happening in Japanese households, Yaocho (a local bar chain) and Ogilvy & Mather Tokyo (agency, of course) teamed up to innovate and create a pretty interesting device rightly named, the violent coasters.

Not that the coaster is deemed violent, but it’s more to the opposite – subtle. In short, as the men happily down their beers and liquor, the coaster would subtly turn into a rude awakening for the men.

Watch it and leave your comments behind.

A pretty neat activation especially being initiated by a bar.

Friday with the Wordaholic

Join the turtle guardians.


My buddy Simon Baker whom I met at Juara Turtle Project mid-2014 is making waves. He has committed himself to the act of turtle conservation in Nayarit, Mexico.

Working alongside him in Juara Beach, Tioman Island was amazing. He’s outright witty, funny and amazingly dedicated. I guess he has found his comfort zone in Mexico and honestly, extremely proud of him.

  • It is estimated that nearly 10,000 sea turtle eggs are lost to poachers on this beach every year.
  • Poachers from two towns frequent the unprotected beach of Malpaso.
  • In order to adequately protect Malpaso beach we need to patrol the beach throughout the night.

If you have a passion to care and protect wildlife, do help out Simon and his team at Malpaso Beach either by donation or simply getting down to Mexico. He’s in need for funds as well as manpower.

Let’s support an act of kindness.

Simon’s video

Simon’s plea

Malpaso Turtle Retreat

Sea Turtles are an endangered species. There has been a 50% reduction in population size since the 1960s. Simply a jaw dropping statistic. One of the major reasons for this is the poaching of turtle eggs from their nesting beaches. One of these beaches is Malpaso Beach and during the peak nesting season this poaching occurs on a nightly basis. It is estimated that nearly 10,000 eggs are lost to poachers on this beach every year. We are a non-profit NGO, run solely by volunteers dedicated to protection of the sea turtle nesting on Malpaso Beach. We aim to stop this poaching and help these turtles but we need your help.

Friday with the Wordaholic

A provoking video, or is it?


Truth is, Filipino domestic workers always have a day-off – Sundays. Judging by the accent of these domestic workers, it’s likely that they are Indonesian. So what do you think of such provoking action?

Approximately 40% of Singapore’s 222,500 domestic workers do not have a weekly day off, despite a law coming into effect in January 2013 making it mandatory.​