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Life as the big, odd guy

Epuron’s odd yet charming commercial is an example of the imagination gone wild. Who would have thought about portraying the wind as a person? A person that is often ignored, misunderstood, taken for granted and annoying. Such a great metaphor.


The wind. His potential is ours.



Emotional content that works

A look at a content strategy that works.


Thai Life Insurance is known for its tearjerker video content since the introduction of its Thai Good Stories campaign. The latest is a content titled “Opportunity” where we see the protagonists telling her story of overcoming adversity. The first of the lot was the video titled “Unsung Hero” and “Street Concert” following suit in 2014. Then came “Garbage Man” and “Follow the Father” in 2015.

What works? Emotional,  aspirational and empowering content has always been the foundation of Thai Life Insurance’s video content and strengthened with the support of a campaign microsite, www.thaigoodstories.com.

Check out the videos below:

2016 – Opportunity


2015 – Garbage Man


2015 – Follow the Father


2014 – Unsung Hero


2014 – Street Concert


Tug the hearts of the people by inspiring and empowering them to be better.


The Lighter Side of Christmas

Edeka takes a 360 spin after last year’s dark Christmas spot.


What got them on the map was 2015’s dark Christmas spot – #heimkommen – that opened they eyes of many.  This year, Edeka shows their softer, more emotional side with #Zeitschenken. Enjoy both videos!

2016 – #Zeitschenken


2015 – #heimkommen


Light V Dark



In Ram We Give Praise

Ram Trucks pay homage to blue-collar Americans.


Another fantastic piece of work from Ram Trucks after the highly successful “Farmer” ad. Never a disappointment from these guys.

From the single working mother of three to the grandfather who spent a lifetime in the mill, Ram Truck’s “PRAISE” recognizes all who labor to make their families, and this nation, strong.

PRAISE is a tribute to every member of the American working class, and an homage to all who rely on Ram trucks day in and day out to get the job done.


Poetic. Aspirational. Brilliant.


Kucing Happy Returns

BSN’s iconic Happy Cat returns for Malaysia’s National Day.


Kucing Happy is thinking about migrating. Would he? Should he? Check out the videos to find out more.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3


Thank you and goodbye… forever. LOL!


Togetherness, the backbone of Malaysia


Brands continue to reinforce the aspect of Togetherness.


Here are some of the many National Day / Independence Day ads in Malaysia. From a quirky cat-median to creative 360 films and down to the usual emotional path, the list is pretty interesting and unique.

Check it out!

#BukalaHati / Digi

Rojak360 / Maxis (3 videos)
Lost & Found by The Ming Thing

Rojak Cow Cow by Veedu Production

Cham Cham by RED People

The Last Kite Maker / Maxis

#TakeCare / Petronas

#KucingHappyPindah / BSN

#AkuOmar / MYNIC

Deka / UMW

#KitaMalaysia / CIMB

#MalaysianFirst / AirAsia

#AnakAnakMalaysia Heroes / EcoWorld


Happy Merdeka Malaysia!