Double the happiness with Coke

One can, Two People, Unlimited Happiness.


Open Happiness‘ has been Coca-Cola’s brand promise for some time now. And there’s no better way than to share the happiness with your loved ones. Together with Ogilvy & Mather Singapore, Coke created a limited quantity can of coke that splits into half, thus letting you share the happiness with someone else.

Dubbed the ‘Sharing Can‘, it looks like an ordinary can of Coca-Cola. But it can be twisted apart exposing the hidden can. Now this is literally sharing happiness. Kudos!




Open Happiness Between India and Pakistan

Can a can of soda solve one of the thorniest political conflicts in the world?


Coca-Cola is leading the way through their “Open Happiness” campaign. The latest spot is a 3-minute video from the peeps at Leo Burnett. The spot shows a pair of vending machine, one in Pakistan and another in India, connected through a network. Each vending machine has a webcam and a big touchscreen monitor installed. In order to receive a free can of Coca-Cola, it takes both nationals to connect with each other. The simplest of task like dancing, drawing peace signs and touching hands through the screen.

Matter of fact, this is a campaign done to perfection. Not only it is powerful, it connects the people of both neighboring countries. A sight that nobody would ever thought of it becoming reality. Coca-Cola has always been creative with their vending machines. For example, in Singapore, a Coca-Cola vending machine was placed in a local university. Instead of the usual Coca-Cola branding, it read “Hug Me”. Curious students stood solid with a blunt look, until one university student decided to hug the machine. To her surprise, a can of the soda dropped from the machine. Now that she has ‘open happiness’, it spread throughout the university, gathering large crowds of students doing various hugging stunts to the vending machine.

Yes, it does seem to be that easy to solve a political tension. But surely there are antagonists out there who will condemn this stunt. No matter what it is, Coca-Cola did their part by bringing happiness to both nationals. Not to make this too politically incline, but seeing both nationals all hyped up is something to cheer about. Enjoy the video, it’s really awesome.



Would everyone really get along after drinking Coke?