Friday with the Wordaholic

A quote every creative should live by.


I believe that captivating the audience comes from the heart -Su Zanne



The Copywriters

Are you a copywriter? Or should I say a Creative Writer? No matter what you are called, you love to write.  And your job is to get people to read what you write. That is your objective. So, what kinda person are you, Copywriter? Do you know that Copywriters will someday be a successful screenwriters someday? And most copywriters these days are female?

Check out the Infographic below and compare yourself. Does your idea come from the below? Have a good laugh and if there are any Copywriters out there reading this post, please feel free to comment and share your thoughts about the Infographic. Would love to hear from you. Enjoy!


David Ogilvy was a Copywriter originally. I’m an aspiring Copywriter now  🙂

Anatomy of an Agency

Came across this infographic and found it pretty amusing (and truthful). It’s the anatomy of an agency, and what their job scopes. After reading it, I feel like I’m a cross breed of a Art Director and a Copywriter. So, what does that make me? Art Copywriter? Copy, Art, Director?

As weird as it sounds, I might be moving towards a whole new direction. For the best I hope. Anyway, enjoy the infographic and let me know how true it is to you.



Looks like the Art Director doesn’t really know when he is getting fired. ROTFL. Happy weekend folks!


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