Merry Christmas folks!

To our dearest readers (& visitors)

We at creative/chump, saint/demund and the wordaholic would like to express our sincerest gratitude to each and every one of you for your continuous support throughout the time. As much as we love advertising, we will still continue to bring you more groundbreaking and fascinating ads from around the world.

Christmas bookmarks for you! 😉



Thank you and come back soon! Cheers… Ho Ho Ho!!



It’s Official!

We are officially a part of saint/demund now!

saint/demund [] is a creative agency based in Malaysia; established merely a year ago. And we are proudly the official blog of them!


We also have a new logo (what d’ya think?) and we are ready to rock and roll! With the new theme design set up, we certainly are all beamed up to give you the best in what the creative world has to offer.

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