Most unique way to introduce your new staff

My name is in the air…


Why settle for an email to introduce your new hires? That’s so traditional. Or send a Press Release to the media letting them know you roped in the youngest CEO or something. Ever thought of hiring a plane for a day and attach a banner at the tail of the plane to introduce your new hires? Well, idea is taken. This is what exactly ad agency Barton F. Graf 9000 [] did. They hired a plane and flew it across New York City for as long as people can remember. And the lucky fellas who felt most honored are Brandon Mugar(W+K), Dave Canning(W+K) and Jonathan Vingiano (OKFocus). These three men are the best at what they do and no doubt hiring them would be a huge shout out. With such big fuss, expect new clients to call for a chat.

Bet they will not do it when they hire a new tea lady or a fresh grad. Agreed? Also, was just wondering if this feat was the idea of HR, or a creative. Hmm….


Profile of the lucky guys



Video of the plane


At least they know how to make a big fuss about new hires



‘Free Desk Here’ Project

Hi, are you an advertising agency? If you are, do you have an empty space? If you do, is it filled with presentation boards and unwanted papers? If it is, would you clear everything and offer space to interested creatives?


Then the ‘Free Desk Here‘ Project is what you should be looking at. Free Desk Here []  is a listing website for you to offer space to aspired-to-be-inspired creatives to work at your place, under your discretion of course. The goal is to give up-and-coming talent the facilities, tools and camaraderie to create professional-caliber work. And to give them the feeling of how an advertising agency working environment is. Start listing now and select your agency’s discipline.

Here are the rules:

desk rule
Desks are 100% free, there’s no charge
desk rule Guests are there to work on their own projects, not the agency’s work.
desk rule Agencies can end things at any point.
desk rule Wifi and other facilities like the kitchen, toilet and windows are included.
desk rule The desk is only available during agency hours.
desk rule Guests should not invite anyone into the agency.
desk rule Meeting rooms are off limits to guests.
desk rule Use of stationery, printers, telephones, etc, are not included.
desk rule Guests might be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.
desk rule Guests shouldn’t play their own music.
desk rule Guests should respect the studio culture.
desk rule Guests should not remove anything from the studio.
desk rule Guest might be asked to meet the agency before being offered the desk.
desk rule Guests should be open to share ideas and talk about their work.
desk rule Guests should be actively working on a project and attend the agency daily.
desk rule The free desk is not a short-cut to getting a job at the agency.

Here are the rights:

The agency‘s rights:
The agency gets to decide who has the desk, when they start and how long they stay. Agencies are fully in control of who comes in.
They can also cancel the free desk offer at any time.
The guest‘s rights:
In offering the space, the agency is giving it freely. Guests are not expected to work for the agency.
Successful applicants should be busy working on existing projects and have a good idea of how they plan to spend their time in the studio.


It’s about collaboration, not charity.


This is advertising

Advertising, call it a swear word, a money-making word or even just pronouncing it, gives people the jeebers. This is the platform where Agencies begin to charge big money for ideation, and another chunk at execution. Well, these two words are definitely different, and the best part, carries separate billings.

So, we know our good advertising campaigns. We even know the super bad ones. What do people actually say about your advertising spot/campaign? We will go into the minds of the Agency and also the Agency, the latter being what the Agency WANTS to hear and the former being what the Agency NEEDS to say. I assume its transparent enough what people think about the Agency/Client relationship – bittersweet.

If only…

Videos courtesy of Ads of the World’s blog. Visit here.