Droga5 continues the disruption

Scion’s Weird, Right? campaign is anything but.


Content consumption has evolved over the Internet years. From being straightforward to simply outrageously weird. Now that’s disruption… in a very good way.

So Droga5 and Scion teamed up to bring you Weird, Right? and yes, it is… weird… right?


Two things that never die… stock photos and man buns.


Toyota Mirai is fuelled by bullsh*t

To the haters, bullshit actually takes you places.


It could be a literal thought, but no matter what, Toyota believes so. And to prove it, they will literally take their Mirai and run it on simply, bullshit.

“Fuelled by Everything” is the title for a series of ads by Toyota. And who else would have come out with such a title but Droga5.

The Toyota Mirai is a fuel cell vehicle powered by Hydrogen. So, bullshit, or to be polite, cow manure is simply filled with it.

I’d say the engineer in the video would explain it better. So, without further ado… here’s episode 1.

A turning point from the inside out

Aubrey Plaza & The Super Bowl

Newcastle’s Band of Brands


Droga5 and Aubrey Plaza (@EvilHag)has a thing for sarcasm. Can’t blame them when brands spend US$4million for 30 seconds of airtime during the Super Bowl.

And so Newcastle Brown Ale, infamous for being overly British and disliking Americans, decided to “crowdfund” that ridiculous-priced advertising spot with any brands out there. Earlier, a “crowdfund” video was launched – featuring Plaza of course – where a small contribution to the spot will get your brand’s logo on the Big Game. Called the “Band of Brands”, you may submit your proposal here at NewcastleBandOfBrands.com.

“At first we tried to sneak our way into the Big Game by entering a popular commercial contest put on by a certain snack chip brand, but that didn’t work out for us. Now we’re trying to leverage ‘strength in numbers’ to see what that does for us,” said Priscilla Flores Dohnert, brand director for Newcastle Brown Ale. “Everyone loves a great underdog story. What’s more ‘underdog’ than being short on cash and not having the right to advertise during the game?”

Aubrey Plaza Calls for Brands


Aubrey Plaza Prepares America


My voice is permanently sarcastic.


Under Armour’s biggest women’s ad campaign

And it’s amazingly inspiring.


When it comes to Under Armour, it’s more than just football. This amazing campaign – “I Will What I Want” – features not-so-famous female athletes and their amazing journey to success and stardom.

Ballerina Misty Copeland, alpine skier Lindsey Vonn, tennis player Sloane Stephens and also football star Kelley O’Hara are Under Armour’s faces of achievement.

Supported by the unmistakable Droga5, this amazing campaign moves the viewers and sparks that inner confidence. Real stories like Misty’s are inspiration to many others. And that is what Under Armour is really are. It shows the evolution of the athletes Under Armour sponsors.

Misty Copeland is the main face of the campaign, telling her story of rejection at an early stage before finding herself and became a soloist for the American Ballet Theatre.

Now get inspired.


Misty Copeland TV Spot


Print Ads

Misty Copeland – Ballerina

The WILL to follow no one
Misty was first introduced to ballet on a basketball court of a Boys and Girls Club in the LA area. She didn’t fit the standards of a typical ballerina and was rejected by many ballet academies. Years later she is a soloist for American Ballet Theatre.


Lindsey Vonn – World Champion Downhill Skier

The WILL to tune out external pressures
Gold medalist and four-time World Cup champion Lindsey Vonn knows what it’s like to sit on top of the world. Even though she’s been skiing since she was 7 years old, her trek up hasn’t always been easy. On the path to recovery from her second knee surgery, Lindsey is determined to conquer the mountain many more times.



Sloane Stephens – Pro Tennis Player

The WILL to stop talking and earn it.
To be young, full of energy, and in the world’s spotlight can be both a blessing and curse. Having frequented the semi-finals of several major international tournaments, Sloane Stephens knows the pressure of living up to the public’s expectations and choose to live life on her terms.



Kelley O’Hara – Pro Soccer Player

The WILL to find inner strength
A gold medalist and collegiate standout, Kelley O’Hara knows what it takes to overcome challenges and never give up. Originally a reserve for the 2011 Women’s World Cup team, Kelley managed to get herself onto the pitch and ended up being one of three U.S. females to play every minute in the 2012 Olympics.



“You have the wrong body for ballet,” Copeland was told.