Say It With Chocolate

Cadbury’s hand made joy.


A pretty cool idea where people get to speak through chocolate. The press finally did not go to waste as it was used as the main tool in delivering the message. Clever from the guys at Ogilvy Action, Malaysia. The spot itself is a brilliant piece of work. Great feeling and the ambient simply blended into the video seamlessly. Great stuff!


The Spot

The Copy

Words. We used to put thought into them. These days, they hardly mean a thing. So what if we have something truly special to say?

(Say it with chocolate)

An old press with movable type re-purposed to print on chocolate bars. Leaving the wrapper untouched.

People wrote personal messages to be printed on demand. In-store and pop-up stores. And read only by a special one.

Hand made joy.


The Credits

Director / D.O.P : Julian Oh
Assistant : Mei-Fern Chong
Editor : Jarrod Reginald
Sound : Huma-huma
Post Production : SEQ Productions


Another brilliant work from Malaysia.



Of gung ho reporters…

…and not like those who ‘cut & paste’ from Press Releases.


Local daily Harian Metro [] together with the prowess of ballsy agency Lucideas [] recently partnered to create a 3-series TVC aiming to target the Malay readers with a campaign rightly named ‘Lagi Gempak‘ (perhaps translated as More Oomph). All three spots are 30 seconds and primarily depicts the efficiency and gung ho attitude of the daily’s out-of-this-world staff. Enjoy!

Haunted House

Wartawan Fenomena Luar Biasa
Pawang ‘Rock’
Extraordinary phenomenal reporter “Pawang Rock” is a reporter that fears nothing as he assures the family that he will remove all evil spirits in the house. Or simply make sure if there are any.



Wartawan Jenayah
Si Horatio
Crime reporter ‘Si Horatio’ would do anything to get first hand news. In this scene, he is scene falling from the ceiling, right in the middle of a counterfeiting scam being carried on. As the gangsters approached him and angrily questioned him, he simply takes a picture of them. Now, that’s first hand news.


Meeting Room

Wartawan Peperangan
Helang Hitam
War enthusiast reporter ‘Helang Hitam’ or Black Eagle is extremely angry after being posted to cover the Monaco F1 GP. His last assignment was Miss Universe and he is not happy at all whilst his prim & proper colleagues get assigned to more exciting cases such as covering ‘Mat Rempit’ (local menace on bikes) cases. This is unfair he screams.


Great work from a local hero agency


Maybank – Malaysian Rube Goldberg

Our local hero turns to the Rube Goldberg machine to showcase their extensive banking services and fantastic track record.

maybankMaybank [] is Malaysia’s regional financial services leader, serving over 22 million customers with an international network of 2,200 branches and offices in 20 different countries. They have recently adopted a new tagline, “Humanising Financial Services Across Asia” and I believe this latest TV spot is developed to establish their new tagline in the minds of the public.

5 crystal balls roll out to begin the effect as it goes through its path of twisters like a roller coaster. At one point, the map of Asia is pictured to acknowledge the bank’s stronghold in the region. The peak here is when the crystal balls roll down to create a single path for one crystal to roll where I personally think is the combination of hard work and customer-centric services that will create the path to one glorious brand – Maybank.

At the end, we will find out what the 5 crystal balls mean, which is Corporate Banking, Transaction Banking, Global Markets, Asset Management & Investment Banking.

Not too shabby for a local production. The idea was great. The production was fantastic. Not the longest Goldberg machine but an awesome stepping stone for a local production.

The Spot:


Because you can’t be in two places at the same time, our global network can connect you to opportunities all across Asia. And because we work with the region’s most dynamic industries, we can show you opportunities that you didn’t even know where there.

This is Maybank Global Banking.

Maybank, Humanizing Financial Services Across Asia.


Watch these Goldberg machines too:
Red Bull Kluge
Panera Bread


Great work Malaysians


A Stray Hero

In a country where Muslims are forbidden to hold, touch or be in any contact with dogs, Pak Mie and Mak Intan would be facing charges under the Syariah Law. Malaysia, a multicultural and multi-ethnic country is where both these God-sent individuals live. Mohammad Azmi, or fondly known as Pak Mie, is a 55 year-old former contractor who dedicated his life to rescuing stray dogs and cats together with his beloved wife, Mak Intan.


It all began during a flash flood where Mak Intan was rescued by a dog as she was fighting for her life in a stream nearby the shelter. The couple spends all their money to the dogs and cats, giving them food, medicine and shelter. The biggest sacrifice here is that the couple actually lives in their car. To date, they have rescued over 600 stray dogs and cats, a figure no other licensed shelters have ever accommodated. Local businessmen offers aid to Pak Mie by sponsoring packs of rice and chicken head. The average rice consumed by the animals are a whopping 50kgs a day, close to RM500. That’s if none of the animals are sick.



With the local authority alarmed about the couple’s efforts, one important individual has shown their approval of the couple’s deeds – The State Muslim Cleric. “A person who helps a God’s creature, be it animal or human being, is a noble act in Islam”, said the Cleric.

strayhero4The couple’s sacrifice is unforgettable, the love is unconditional. And they know that they will not get anything in return. But they have vowed to continue their deeds till the end of day and to have this legacy live on forever.


Take a deep breath and watch this wonderful documentary.


Copywriter/Researcher/Co-Producer: Rahmah Ghazali ( Twitter: @rahmahghazali
DP/Visual Editor/Co-Producer: Hisyam Salleh ( Twitter: @saifulhisyam

For more information about Pak Mie and Mak Intan, please visit or his Facebook (managed by his son) or

Unconditional love that touches our soul


Laughter is the best preventive medicine

Just completed a last minute project. A 20-foot long banner for an event – Russell Peters’ Notorious World Tour : Malaysia. Yes, Russel is coming to town and Golden Horses Health Sanctuary is a proud sponsor of this event.  With the title that states laughter is the best preventive medicine, the whole idea of this sponsorship is to create brand awareness and yes, we are fun too!

Now, believe me, with Russell around, laughter definitely IS the best medicine.

By the way, the show is a complete SOLD OUT! The first time Russell wanted to have a show in Malaysia, it was banned and of course, we continued the show in Singapore. But this year, things have changed and he was granted the permission. The most notable part is that the Premier of Malaysia will be attending the show himself. Now, that is NEWS! I’d say, “Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad