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Durex ‘Cheaper’ Ads

If there is a minimalist ad that speaks the loudest, it would be Durex’s ‘Cheaper’ ads. Literally scares the living hell out of people, these ads will make you put on protection everytime! As simple as it looks, it does tell you that it is that simple to put one on. The minimalist part of the ad certainly ensures that you are focused on the object that will cost you (almost) a bomb, compared to a pack of Durex of course.


[AD] 360celcius Magazine – GHHS

Just completed another print ad for Golden Horses Health Sanctuary recently.

Minimalist; Elderly on a wheelchair.

Geriatric Care

So, this ad basically makes the viewer remember their parents or grandparents and how they have been doing. The slanted photo frame that includes the punch line “Who’s taking care of them now?” indicates the elderly not being able to straightened the photo frame because of their disability. Geriatric Care is the care for the elderly. And we should be the one taking care of them. Meant to be touching, this ad plays with the emotions of the viewer by making them think of their parents or grandparents.


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