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Crap, it’s Monday.



Mondays can be great at Starbucks

In an effort to lift the people’s spirit on Mondays, Starbucks in the UK developed a TVC that may help the people cure what we all know as Monday Blues. Only on Mondays, Tall Lattes are only priced at GBP 1.50, before 11am of course. Lets dissect the video.


TVC begins with a sleeping to-go cup under the sheets (of a Starbucks napkin). Animation begins where viewers get to learn a little about history.

  • First man – Neil Armstrong – walked on the moon on a Monday | 1969
  • First comic book superhero – Superman – appeared on on a Monday | 1938
  • First bong was heard throughout London at the Big Ben on a Monday |1859
  • First public elevator was installed in New York City on a Monday | 1857
  • First cinema in the UK was introduced on a Monday | 1896
  • First weekly weather forecast in the UK was produced on a Monday | 1878
  • First show of Shakespeare’s Macbeth in the UK was on a Monday | 1860
  • Introduction of Space Invaders to the UK was on a Monday | ??
  • Half a million babies are born throughout the world on a Monday

The entire animation is based on things from Starbucks, like the stirrer, cups, beans, sleeves, napkins, etc. Pretty sleek I say as they maintained their identity throughout the TVC, not forgetting the fantastic animation. Since it is produced for UK residents, the mixture of American history, British history and General history is brilliant. Starbucks is an American brand, have stores in the UK and is a world dominant brand. Hah! Awesome!

Here’s the TVC for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! And don’t forget that Latte coming Monday!

Mondays can be great!