Thursday’s Throwback

Celebrating #allin or nothing by Adidas


Well, it was literally all in or nothing during the recently ended World Cup 2014. As Adidas celebrates the Final by having both teams – Germany and Argentina – wearing their brand, Nike was out there animating “The Last Game“.

Indeed it was their last. Not only that Adidas gleefully enjoyed 46 players wearing its brand on their backs, this animated film features no players from the WC Finals (and of course Adidas, LOL). Oh well…

“The Last Game” is a fictional story about ballsy football against safe football. Nonetheless, we humans still think that clones are always our better half. Eric Cantona used to be the “man” behind Nike’s soldiers, but this time, Ronaldo is the chosen one. These guys look like characters from The Incredibles.

Have fun watching this pretty cool animation. Great job I say!

Animated Cristiano Ronaldo
Animated Wayne Rooney
Animated Neymar Jr (Nice selfie)
Animated Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Animated Andres Iniesta (Had to wear Barca jersey cause Spain is sponsored by Adidas, LOL)
Animated David Luiz
Animated Franck Ribery
Animated Tim Howard
Animated Ronaldo Fenomeno





Nike store made from 100% trash

A gigantic leap into sustainabilityupcycling.


Nike has long been a leader in sustainability and was the first company to go green in the early 1990s. Their first major eco project was recycling old shoes and donating the material to companies that build sports surfaces, such as outdoor tracks. Then it was the launch of Nike Considered Design, an internal division that incorporates waste from the factory floor into garments.

And their latest feather on their cap is a partnership with Taiwanese eco-centric architectural firm Miniwiz Sustainable Development. Together, they built a Nike concept store in Shanghai from ground zero using tonnes of upcycled garbage – 5,500 cans, 2,000 plastic bottles and 50,000 CD/DVDs.All of the materials used to build the structure are derived from urban waste and are mechanically assembled—not glued or cemented—so that they can be re-recycled at the end of this Nike store’s days. The old DVDs make up the shop’s ceiling panels, water bottles are used for the tension cables, and connection joints are fashioned from recycled cans.

So if you find yourself in Shanghai in the near future, drop-in and help yourself to some sustainable goods and, mind the garbage.



Mind the garbage.

From Nothing to Something

There is nothing a brand would complain about when someone comes up with an idea out of nothing. Miele [], a German manufacturer of high-end home appliances with the cleverness of  Mayer/McCann Erickson [] created something our of nothing.



A tunnel somewhere in Slovakia was digitally enhanced where a billboard was placed on it. What? The design of the tunnel fits the product that they were selling – the Miele S8 vacuum cleaner – promoting the “Monster Suction” ideology. Vehicles looked like they were getting suck into the tunnel as the digital enhancement was simply fantastic.



The best part of this OOH billboard is that it was built from ZERO-COST! To top it with the sweetest cherry, the video went VIRAL! Now, there is nothing a brand would complain about but just to applaud this brilliant work of a genius. Questions were raised if the billboard was real and if this actually existed. And that was enough to send the video viral.

So, what makes something go viral? I’d personally one word; CURIOSITY. As curious people set their sights to seek answers, they would share what is in their mind. As they pass along through the channels of social media, momentum gains and virality is born. What are your thoughts? Share with us.


Other great OOH: Nike Malaysia, Telco Talks & Auto Wars


Out-Of-Home, Out-Of-This-World Advertising

Came across this OOH advertising quite some time back and it surely struck me – awesome! Again, Nike has something up their sleeves and this OOH certainly is by far very creative, and innovative of course.

Lets dissect.

Location: 1Utama Shopping Mall, Bandar Utama

Duration: Mid-2012, coupla months

Brand: Nike

Product: Mercurial Vapor VIII

Punchline: Kepantasan Luar Biasa (Extraordinary Speed)

(My) Concept: Its so fast, it burns through

(My) Idea: Burn, let it burn! Heck, rip it off!



Personally, it looks awesome. And outrageous. Letting your product rip through the billboard is creative. Exposing the structure at the back just adds up to the points. Am amazed, speechless.