I still believe in Science!

Don’t be judging me because I only believe in Science -Esqueleto

rethink-canadaWe still believe in Science! Can’t get enough of Rethink Canada’s campaign to promote Science World. Here are some outdoor goodies from these creative minds. Think again. And again.




Science World Billboard




Science World Ambient






Scientific facts that make you go, “come. on. now.”



Making the invisible, visible

UNICEF Bulgaria sheds some light over a dark issue.


A creative billboard that exposes the perpetrator. Children who are victims of domestic violence often wait in fear the time their parents come home in the evening.

In the billboard, an image of a child sitting at a corner can be seen throughout the day. As night approaches, when the lights turn on, a blurred silhouette appears creating a shadow of the perpetrator. It literally throws a light on this major problem.


Visually strong and impactful idea.


Revenge of the Wife

Mastercard‘s ‘Priceless’ campaign still champs it all. Till this day, many are still incorporating (or ripping) the ‘Priceless’ tagline in their artworks.

In a town called Greensboro, North Carolina, a wife decided to expose her spouses “extra-curricular” activities for the whole world town to witness. Kudos to Nikon for the free ad exposure. Kudos to Jennifer for money well spent.



Men, when would you ever learn?


Top 10 Billboard Ads


Best Use of Spotlight. Smart and creative.


Best Innovative Board. Not too sure who the client is but certainly tells you that back seat passengers too must wear safety belts. Or get slingshot out of your seat!


Best Use of Natural Sunlight. Just to let you know that anytime is a good time for McDonald’s.


Best 3D Visualization. Mini again proves that their little cars are packed with serious oomph!


Best Add-On. Play big. Nothing gets bigger than a billboard. Boards up!


Best Construction. The Dark Knight is here everybody!


Best Communication. Nothing is as simple as boxing up a billboard with your brand’s identity.


Best Message. Nothing beats a visual that makes you piss in your pants. Give ’em room, it’s the law!



Best ‘Live’ Board. Getting someone to pretend like they are working almost 20 feet in the air is unusual. But it delivers the message, and objective.


billboard102 billboard101
Best Creative Idea. Donatos Pizza is so good, it makes the neighbor take a slice. Worth mentioning that the entire billboard space is bought by Donatos. They just created a fictional character and brand to tell their story.


Other creative OOH billboards:
Local Hero – Nike Football
Local Telcos – Billboard Wars
German Vacuum Cleaner – Miele


From Nothing to Something

There is nothing a brand would complain about when someone comes up with an idea out of nothing. Miele [www.miele.com], a German manufacturer of high-end home appliances with the cleverness of  Mayer/McCann Erickson [www.mayer.sk] created something our of nothing.



A tunnel somewhere in Slovakia was digitally enhanced where a billboard was placed on it. What? The design of the tunnel fits the product that they were selling – the Miele S8 vacuum cleaner – promoting the “Monster Suction” ideology. Vehicles looked like they were getting suck into the tunnel as the digital enhancement was simply fantastic.



The best part of this OOH billboard is that it was built from ZERO-COST! To top it with the sweetest cherry, the video went VIRAL! Now, there is nothing a brand would complain about but just to applaud this brilliant work of a genius. Questions were raised if the billboard was real and if this actually existed. And that was enough to send the video viral.

So, what makes something go viral? I’d personally one word; CURIOSITY. As curious people set their sights to seek answers, they would share what is in their mind. As they pass along through the channels of social media, momentum gains and virality is born. What are your thoughts? Share with us.


Other great OOH: Nike Malaysia, Telco Talks & Auto Wars


Out-Of-Home, Out-Of-This-World Advertising

Came across this OOH advertising quite some time back and it surely struck me – awesome! Again, Nike has something up their sleeves and this OOH certainly is by far very creative, and innovative of course.

Lets dissect.

Location: 1Utama Shopping Mall, Bandar Utama

Duration: Mid-2012, coupla months

Brand: Nike

Product: Mercurial Vapor VIII

Punchline: Kepantasan Luar Biasa (Extraordinary Speed)

(My) Concept: Its so fast, it burns through

(My) Idea: Burn, let it burn! Heck, rip it off!



Personally, it looks awesome. And outrageous. Letting your product rip through the billboard is creative. Exposing the structure at the back just adds up to the points. Am amazed, speechless.





Home Sweet Home

This is what we advertisers call Billboard War. Found this picture on a friend’s FB page that certainly got my attention. Here we have a telco heavyweight – Maxis and PNKOTB (Pretty New Kid On The Block) telco – Yes4G. To be honest, I do not know where these billboards are placed but all I can say is that the positioning is fantastic.

Maxis is seen here promoting is Broadband Internet service where you can go around the world just by sitting at home (the copy is in Bahasa Malaysia; Mengelilingi dunia dalam sehari – Go Home). Maxis’ Broadband Internet is not all that great as their main business direction is targeted at mobile phones. So, they are simply offering Internet connection from home now. OK.

Yes4G on the other hand is pretty new in the Broadband service BUT when they popped, it was huge. They started off as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) using 4G connections – the first in Malaysia. It was a huge hoo-hah when they launched their ISP, both on the good side and the bad side. The launch was a hot topic for ‘Social Media Disasters’ but I ain’t heading towards that direction. So, their billboard is placed just behind Maxis’ Go Home. Copy writes – why go home? – promoting their Wireless 4G Broadband service. and YES goes everywhere. Great eye from Yes4G, kudos to that! Personally, I LOVE this kinda stuff. IMHO, only MNCs and new age companies are willing to take this step forward.

Classic case of a Billboard War as we all have seen how the German automakers – BMW & Audi – battled it out in their own Billboard War. SO, can we say that we Malaysians now have an open mind? I believe that the Ad Agency behind both these billboards are having a good laugh. Certainly hope that the war rages on – more money for the Agencies. HAH!

Audi: Your move, BMW.
BMW: Checkmate.

Audi: Is it expired?

BMW removed their billboard later on.

Check out www.autointhenews.com for the full story on Audi v BMW Billboard War.