LG – So real, it’s scary

How about a little fear tickling. LG found one way to show people how crystal clear are their monitors and no better way than to “picture” realism. Tagged as ‘Advance Your Viewing Pleasure’, this TV spot sure made the people scared (almost s**tless). Pretty innovative idea. I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t freak out if the floor starts to tumble down. And heck, you are in a lift! Lol. Enjoy the ad below.

After watching this spot, it did remind me of one project that I thought of doing for our Annual Dinner. Just for the fun of it of course. I just wanted to televised it on a projection screen to show our staff how “awake” we are in the morning. A pretty similar setup as LG’s but minus the speakers. Just the camera and a printed sheet of paper on the floor. Imagine these guys coming into to the lift early in the morning.

Too bad it didn’t work out


Going Places Ads

Some old ads that was done in 2011. Ads were placed in Going Places magazine, Malaysia Airlines In-flight mag. Also available in iPad, hence the red arrow icon being visible in the ad. User can click on it to view more photos here.

October issue

November issue

December issue

What say you?

Laughter is the best preventive medicine

Just completed a last minute project. A 20-foot long banner for an event – Russell Peters’ Notorious World Tour : Malaysia. Yes, Russel is coming to town and Golden Horses Health Sanctuary is a proud sponsor of this event.  With the title that states laughter is the best preventive medicine, the whole idea of this sponsorship is to create brand awareness and yes, we are fun too!

Now, believe me, with Russell around, laughter definitely IS the best medicine.

By the way, the show is a complete SOLD OUT! The first time Russell wanted to have a show in Malaysia, it was banned and of course, we continued the show in Singapore. But this year, things have changed and he was granted the permission. The most notable part is that the Premier of Malaysia will be attending the show himself. Now, that is NEWS! I’d say, “Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad