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The Report Card: Social Media in 2012

The 2012 Report Card is out. And what can we learn (or gain) from this? Social Media silently overtook most of our lives. Instead of reading the morning papers, you get news being fling in your face (whether you like it or not). In a way, we are getting smarter (and more aware) as no matter what sort of news are being thrown at us, we still tend to read at least the headline. Now that’s a good start to increasing your General Knowledge.

So, the big 5 of Social Media is on the shelves again. It has been a topsy-turvy 2012 for these 5 giants, Facebook’s IPO, Twitter overtaking Facebook, Pinterest appears out of nowhere and not forgetting Instagram’s TOS issue. They all had it good (and bad).

To be honest, I have all 5 of the major players. But what role does it play in my life? Personally, every country uses Social Media differently. Many Asians prefer Facebook over Twitter but many Westerners think vice versa. So, I’ll let you in on my own version of the Top 5.

Mainly use it to spy around. Sometimes it make me feel like a stalker. I rarely use FB. Not a big fan but it certainly brought people together. Would you believe that I’m connected to my Primary School mate thanks to FB? Now that is what I call recognition.

Love Twitter. Love sharing. Love information. The best place to obtain information (and knowledge). It’s so simple to use. And blardy straightforward. Kudos to that.

The Silent Killer. Popped out of nowhere and became instant Social Media giant. Hands down the best website layout. Clean and simple. Best way to share your instinct-based fingers and brain.

Still learning. Not too fond of it. It was easy to own a page as majority of us have an Gmail account. But very similar fashion to Facebook. Just a couple of unique improvements.

Best way to link with professionals (if you are shy). Pure business-minded, this is where you show off to the world what you are good at, and who you know (sometimes). Many users can gain the advantage of LinkedIn, especially HR and Sales.

Which Social Networking sites appeal to you? Share with us your unique thinking. Lets have fun. Your opinions do matter.


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What the world does in 60 secs

I’m impressed!


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Facebook down – End of the world?

Saw a tweet by Jeff Bullas (@jeffbullas) and it tickled me. Facebook has become part of (mostly) everybody’s life. It has the same feeling when mobile phones were introduced to the world (and became affordable) – nobody can live without it. So, is it the end of the world when Facebook is down? Social media to hit a snag? What do you do? Start washing your car? Rearrange your desktop? Again, what can you do?


Jeff says:

  1. Get on to Twitter and send tweets telling everyone that Facebook is down (along with millions of other people tweeting that Facebook has crashed) creating a social media apocalypse that crashes Twitter
  2. Clean your desk ..again
  3. Buy Google shares
  4. Ring your friends and actually have a conversation with awkward silence
  5. As you can’t fix the fence on Farmville, go and wash your real car
  6. Send an SMS to your friends announcing to them what they already know.. Facebook is down
  7. Read your children a story
  8. Do your tax return
  9. Write that proposal for your client that you have been meaning to do for days
  10. Send another Tweet that Facebook is “still” down
  11. Write a blog post about Facebook being down and the implications for society and our reliance on social media
  12. Start using Instant Messenger again
  13. Start planning to create a Facebook competitor
  14. Get out your 100 point bucket list and discover that there is not one digital goal you want to achieve before you die on the list
  15. Start a family
  16. Call your girlfriend and suggest that you have a bit of fun!!
  17. Email your 1,000 friends and tell them that Facebook is down
  18. Poke someone with your real finger… then hire a lawyer for sexual harassment
  19. Start a knitting club
  20. Do some work

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CreativeChump says:

  1. Flood Twitter
  2. Check who follows you on Twitter
  3. Check who you are following on Twitter
  4. Blog about ‘The Next Tragic Death after Jobs’
  5. Sell fake Zuckerberg business cards
  6. Inform your designers to remove Facebook logos
  7. Get a digital Bucket List
  8. Write to Facebook and inquire about your photos on their site
  9. Design a Tribute logo
  10. RT ‘Twitter is No.1 social media site’
  11. Sell Facebook shares
  12. Design Time Magazine’s next cover
  13. Blow the dust off your PS and Xbox (and Wii) and start playing
  14. Do some real work (like real work)
  15. Read your kid (or dog) a book
  16. Move on to Pinterest
  17. Start a family (nice one Jeff!)
  18. Prep for the end of world
  19. Sob for a week and then realizing…
  20. Life goes on.

Got your own version? Re-blog and keep it going!