Kanvas SOHO

485 sq.ft. worth Instagramming.


Another completed project whereby this time it’s a residential development project. Kanvas is a twin tower development that consists of SOHO (Small Office Home Office) units.

The brief was, brief. It has to be eccentric, quirky and beyond the ordinary. And so the birth of Kanvas. Adopted from the word ‘canvas’, we tweaked it to be more hipsterish and young. Paint your dreams, your imaginations because Kanvas is that one place that would spark your creative mind.

The walk-through video is completely different. A step where no developer has ever taken. It features Mac, a resident at Kanvas, in complete animation. Follow him as he brings you through his daily routine at Kanvas, and how it lighted that creative flame. Heck, a trailer was even published to get the public excited.

The brochure was colourful and appealing. Not short of characteristics in it.

The print ad was outrageous too. Adopting the Instagram UI, the design was unique, and again different from the typical developers around the country.

Walk-through Video

Full Video

View here

Print Ad
print ads_the star nation_rev2-01


This is Kanvas.



Volkswagen goes electric

VW does it again.


Norwegian agency TRY/Apt promotes Volkswagen’s E-Up, a brand new electric car that produces 81bhp and 155lb ft of torque. Although the ads are minimalistic and straight to the point,the message is so strong, you can understand it in an instant. Kudos!

vw_volt_aotw2 vw_volt_aotw

Voltswagen 😉

[AD] 360celcius Magazine – GHHS

Just completed another print ad for Golden Horses Health Sanctuary recently.

Minimalist; Elderly on a wheelchair.

Geriatric Care

So, this ad basically makes the viewer remember their parents or grandparents and how they have been doing. The slanted photo frame that includes the punch line “Who’s taking care of them now?” indicates the elderly not being able to straightened the photo frame because of their disability. Geriatric Care is the care for the elderly. And we should be the one taking care of them. Meant to be touching, this ad plays with the emotions of the viewer by making them think of their parents or grandparents.


What say you? All comments are welcome and we do reply to the comments. =D

Do people still read nowadays?

Currently working on an ad for a health centre. Let you guys in on the brief.

PSA Ad for a Health Centre

Smoking Kills. That’s a fact. The client, as a health centre, would like to sound off a warning to current smokers and most importantly new smokers that smoking causes almost every disease of mankind. The ad will be featured in a lifestyle magazine targeted at young adults.

Target audience:
Smokers and wannabe smokers. Young adults and executives.

Key message:
Mainly as a Community Message to the general public in regards to their health and others.

With such target audience and ad medium, we decided to be trendy and selected a tablet application visual. This is ‘SMOKEit2.0’. It resembles an application about smoking with the current selected module being the ‘Cause of Death’. Visual stimulates the viewers itch to scroll the module which has an unlimited listing of diseases related to smoking.

On the other page is a short write up about smoking, the cause and so on followed by the company’s official footer/signoff. The write up area closely resembles the exclamation mark but can be vaguely noticed.