Windows Phone Wants To Play, Too

But are they really up for it against the giants?


Nokia, advocate of the Windows Phone seems to be climbing up the ladder pretty fast. BlackBerry seemed stuck, although the launch of the Q10 and Z10 might raise some eye brows but the rebranding from RIM to BlackBerry sure did raise a few questions about the company. And here is Nokia, with its brand new Lumia, capable of stopping fights and brawls.

As the boxing fight wages on between Apple and Samsung, Nokia delightfully stepped in as the referee, telling people to “Don’t fight. Switch.” How far can Nokia and Windows Phone battle on with the two giants are speculative. Though we know Windows have always a big score to settle with Apple (on the laptop business, of course).

Surprisingly, Apple never did mock any of its competitors (found nothing on the Internet) but being the top brand in the industry, gets mock most of the time. But if it’s about laptops, Apple of course mocked Windows to bits with their famous TVC series – Get a Mac.

Anywho, enjoy this Windows Phone moment while you can (and while Windows are still contending)

Watch this first:

Samsung Galaxy S4


Now this.

Nokia Lumia


Switch. If you dare.


Of gung ho reporters…

…and not like those who ‘cut & paste’ from Press Releases.


Local daily Harian Metro [] together with the prowess of ballsy agency Lucideas [] recently partnered to create a 3-series TVC aiming to target the Malay readers with a campaign rightly named ‘Lagi Gempak‘ (perhaps translated as More Oomph). All three spots are 30 seconds and primarily depicts the efficiency and gung ho attitude of the daily’s out-of-this-world staff. Enjoy!

Haunted House

Wartawan Fenomena Luar Biasa
Pawang ‘Rock’
Extraordinary phenomenal reporter “Pawang Rock” is a reporter that fears nothing as he assures the family that he will remove all evil spirits in the house. Or simply make sure if there are any.



Wartawan Jenayah
Si Horatio
Crime reporter ‘Si Horatio’ would do anything to get first hand news. In this scene, he is scene falling from the ceiling, right in the middle of a counterfeiting scam being carried on. As the gangsters approached him and angrily questioned him, he simply takes a picture of them. Now, that’s first hand news.


Meeting Room

Wartawan Peperangan
Helang Hitam
War enthusiast reporter ‘Helang Hitam’ or Black Eagle is extremely angry after being posted to cover the Monaco F1 GP. His last assignment was Miss Universe and he is not happy at all whilst his prim & proper colleagues get assigned to more exciting cases such as covering ‘Mat Rempit’ (local menace on bikes) cases. This is unfair he screams.


Great work from a local hero agency


Va Va Voom with Renault

2 spots + 1 idea = Clio experience


Renault surprises test drivers of their Clio with a single push of a button – Va Va Voom. Test drivers were directed to a spot by the salesman and when they stopped, they were asked to press the ultimate button – Va Va Voom. And they were in for a surprise, unforgettable experience. A surprise that will transform a mundane day into an exciting one. We have two videos here, one featuring a man and another a woman. Which of course states that the Clio is perfect for both sexes.

Button pressed.
A romantic tune is being played, the two crossing pedestrians stopped and started kissing. The backdrop is seen wheeled-in. Violins playing and a baguette seller is hard selling his bread. The cream of the crop is when these bunch of scantily-clad of the opposite sex appears and started dancing and gyrating around the car.

Personally, this ad is a combination of TNT’s ‘Push for Drama’ and Pepsi’s ‘Jeff Gordon Test Drive’. Your typical test drive session that surprised people. All in all it was a good effort. Best of all, it caters for both sexes and you get to experience Paris for that couple of seconds.

Male driver

Female driver

Media Agency: Manning Gottlieb OMD
Media Planners: Laura Quy, Lauren Fisher
Production Company: Scorch London
Video Distribution: Unruly


Happy looking drivers on a dull day


Maybank – Malaysian Rube Goldberg

Our local hero turns to the Rube Goldberg machine to showcase their extensive banking services and fantastic track record.

maybankMaybank [] is Malaysia’s regional financial services leader, serving over 22 million customers with an international network of 2,200 branches and offices in 20 different countries. They have recently adopted a new tagline, “Humanising Financial Services Across Asia” and I believe this latest TV spot is developed to establish their new tagline in the minds of the public.

5 crystal balls roll out to begin the effect as it goes through its path of twisters like a roller coaster. At one point, the map of Asia is pictured to acknowledge the bank’s stronghold in the region. The peak here is when the crystal balls roll down to create a single path for one crystal to roll where I personally think is the combination of hard work and customer-centric services that will create the path to one glorious brand – Maybank.

At the end, we will find out what the 5 crystal balls mean, which is Corporate Banking, Transaction Banking, Global Markets, Asset Management & Investment Banking.

Not too shabby for a local production. The idea was great. The production was fantastic. Not the longest Goldberg machine but an awesome stepping stone for a local production.

The Spot:


Because you can’t be in two places at the same time, our global network can connect you to opportunities all across Asia. And because we work with the region’s most dynamic industries, we can show you opportunities that you didn’t even know where there.

This is Maybank Global Banking.

Maybank, Humanizing Financial Services Across Asia.


Watch these Goldberg machines too:
Red Bull Kluge
Panera Bread


Great work Malaysians


Panera – Rube Goldberg done right

Panera Bread [] shows you how a truly fresh bread is made. It is an art altogether, says Mike Powell, vice president of Fresh Dough Operations.

panera_rube_goldbergIn their latest commercial, the Rube Goldberg machine was use as the concept, depicting the art of making a fresh loaf of bread. The mechanisms were exquisitely made by hand and the execution is simply a class of perfection. The device was built in the shape of a circle, a metaphor of Panera’s daily routine, starting and ending the same way.

“What we’re trying to do here is illustrate the cyclical nature of a day in the life of Panera”, says 1stAveMachine co-director Bob Partington. “A Rube Goldberg device is a cause and effect, like a chain-reaction device. And the idea is, all these little things in this circle represent all the difficult decisions and the hard road that Panera takes in creating this really great product.”

The other fact that was brilliant was that the actors in the TVC were actual staff of Panera. Instead of using professional actors, they got their staff to act it out, telling us how honest and true they are when baking a real bread.

Live Consciously, Eat Deliciously is their tagline and what better way to instill this concept to the minds of the public. Whatever you may think, the Goldberg machine is just simply fun to watch. Enjoy.



Client: Panera
Agency: Cramer-Krasselt
Production Company: 1stAveMachine


Other Rube Goldberg inspired advertisements:
The Athlete Machine | Red Bull Kluge
The Cog | Honda


The Ultimate Paintball Duel

The automotive guys are back again – with a bang!

audirs4Audi, the decorated German automotive company, with the geniuses from the UK, has come out with their latest TVC – The Ultimate Paintball Duel.

Two Audi RS4 Avant Station Wagons are back-to-back. The duel will begin soon. Armed with a custom made 50-calibre paintball gun installed on the hood and GoPros [] Cameras around the car, the entire scene was shot in a hangar with a couple of on-ground cameras and one helicopter camera.  Under the hood for each car is a V-8 engine with 450 horsepower.


The attributes of the cars are clearly pictured in the video. Great control on slippery surface and sudden evasions. The speed is out of this world and the slippin’ & slidin’ is just a plus as Traction Control has been disabled and the tires inflated a little more than usual.


The Ultimate Paintball Duel

How to make a mess

Meet the stunt drivers

– Jim Dowdall
– Colin Skeaping


Who said station wagons are for moms?


Mondays can be great at Starbucks

In an effort to lift the people’s spirit on Mondays, Starbucks in the UK developed a TVC that may help the people cure what we all know as Monday Blues. Only on Mondays, Tall Lattes are only priced at GBP 1.50, before 11am of course. Lets dissect the video.


TVC begins with a sleeping to-go cup under the sheets (of a Starbucks napkin). Animation begins where viewers get to learn a little about history.

  • First man – Neil Armstrong – walked on the moon on a Monday | 1969
  • First comic book superhero – Superman – appeared on on a Monday | 1938
  • First bong was heard throughout London at the Big Ben on a Monday |1859
  • First public elevator was installed in New York City on a Monday | 1857
  • First cinema in the UK was introduced on a Monday | 1896
  • First weekly weather forecast in the UK was produced on a Monday | 1878
  • First show of Shakespeare’s Macbeth in the UK was on a Monday | 1860
  • Introduction of Space Invaders to the UK was on a Monday | ??
  • Half a million babies are born throughout the world on a Monday

The entire animation is based on things from Starbucks, like the stirrer, cups, beans, sleeves, napkins, etc. Pretty sleek I say as they maintained their identity throughout the TVC, not forgetting the fantastic animation. Since it is produced for UK residents, the mixture of American history, British history and General history is brilliant. Starbucks is an American brand, have stores in the UK and is a world dominant brand. Hah! Awesome!

Here’s the TVC for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! And don’t forget that Latte coming Monday!

Mondays can be great!

Messi + Bryant = Turkish

Weird as it may sound, both are not Turkish and neither are they Europeans. Introducing, Lionel Messi, arguably the world’s greatest footballer and 4-time winner of the Ballon d’Or. And Kobe Bryant, professional basketball player who plays for the LA Lakers and 2-time NBA Finals MVP. Both these gentlemen are actually endorsing Turkish Airlines, Europe’s Best Airline in 2010.


This TVC shows both professionals trying to get a kid’s attention on board the aircraft. Both tried as hard as they can but eventually loses out to FOOD. Believe it.

In-depth look into the video, you can guess what the video is trying to tell us. Firstly, Messi, at 5’7″, is sitting the front row seat, which is normally catered for tall or with-child passengers. Then you see Kobe, at 6’6″, sitting in the middle row. This simply shows that the seat-between-seat range is long enough to fit a 6 footer and looking very comfortable. +1

Then there’s the food. The winner of it all. Ice-cream does takes a kid’s attention away and that’s pretty normal. It directly tells us that the food is awesome and the range is wide. Indirectly, promoting their in-flight Chefs as the food presentation is not the ordinary, but pretty much a la fine dining. +1


The endorsement by a South American and an American definitely strengthens their tagline – GLOBALLY YOURS. Pretty smart I say. Check the TVC below and let us know what you think.


The best flies with the best


LG – So real, it’s scary

How about a little fear tickling. LG found one way to show people how crystal clear are their monitors and no better way than to “picture” realism. Tagged as ‘Advance Your Viewing Pleasure’, this TV spot sure made the people scared (almost s**tless). Pretty innovative idea. I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t freak out if the floor starts to tumble down. And heck, you are in a lift! Lol. Enjoy the ad below.

After watching this spot, it did remind me of one project that I thought of doing for our Annual Dinner. Just for the fun of it of course. I just wanted to televised it on a projection screen to show our staff how “awake” we are in the morning. A pretty similar setup as LG’s but minus the speakers. Just the camera and a printed sheet of paper on the floor. Imagine these guys coming into to the lift early in the morning.

Too bad it didn’t work out

[TVC] Mac Genius

These are Apple’s TVC ads created for the 2012 Olympics in London and as usual, boasts about anything and everything about them. Creative? I agree. Looks like an improvise version of their Mac series they had it going for quite sometime.

This time around, they aren’t as direct as they used to be where they would attack Windows openly. A little more subtle manner and more focused on their applications and such. Worth the look. Certainly caught my attention.

The point here being that their computers are FAST!


Labor Day


Out of the three, my favorite would be Mayday. What’s yours?