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Nando’s Salutes Fergie

… and instantaneously creates #NandosFergieTime.


The latest PR stunt by Nando’s UK [www.nandos.co.uk] is as predicted after another huge news that swept through the UK; the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, Manager of Manchester United FC [www.manutd.com]. In honour of the granddaddy of football, Nando’s created a PR stunt that benefits nine of its outlets right here in Manchester. The popular chicken restaurant franchise is no stranger to jumping into bandwagons of the latest news that they are certain will turn viral.

On May 8th, Nando’s posted a update on their Facebook page saying:

In honour of Sir Alex Ferguson’s announcement that he is retiring we’re proud to introduce ‘Nando’s Fergie Time’ – all our Manchester Nando’s will be open 5 minutes later tonight.


I assume 5 minutes is a huge thing in the UK as I presume they wouldn’t want the workers union to start a strike in their outlets for the next few days. All in all, great stunt that caught the people’s attention.




Most embarassing brand fails on Twitter

Humorous tweets that embarrasses their own brand.

Twitter [www.twitter.com], the best place for brands to interact with consumers. And also a place where brands does the dumbest things. Idiotic tweets are common. But please read the latest news before tweeting something that will just embarrass the life of your brand. Foul language, ignorance, shameless and wtf-moments are just some words to describe these tweets by big brands.

From the horse meat issue (see Tesco) to sheer dumb detergent questions (see Clorox), these brands sure thing they are quirky and cheeky but someway or another, you will be kicking your own ass!



Mind your French peeps


The Report Card: Social Media in 2012

The 2012 Report Card is out. And what can we learn (or gain) from this? Social Media silently overtook most of our lives. Instead of reading the morning papers, you get news being fling in your face (whether you like it or not). In a way, we are getting smarter (and more aware) as no matter what sort of news are being thrown at us, we still tend to read at least the headline. Now that’s a good start to increasing your General Knowledge.

So, the big 5 of Social Media is on the shelves again. It has been a topsy-turvy 2012 for these 5 giants, Facebook’s IPO, Twitter overtaking Facebook, Pinterest appears out of nowhere and not forgetting Instagram’s TOS issue. They all had it good (and bad).

To be honest, I have all 5 of the major players. But what role does it play in my life? Personally, every country uses Social Media differently. Many Asians prefer Facebook over Twitter but many Westerners think vice versa. So, I’ll let you in on my own version of the Top 5.

Mainly use it to spy around. Sometimes it make me feel like a stalker. I rarely use FB. Not a big fan but it certainly brought people together. Would you believe that I’m connected to my Primary School mate thanks to FB? Now that is what I call recognition.

Love Twitter. Love sharing. Love information. The best place to obtain information (and knowledge). It’s so simple to use. And blardy straightforward. Kudos to that.

The Silent Killer. Popped out of nowhere and became instant Social Media giant. Hands down the best website layout. Clean and simple. Best way to share your instinct-based fingers and brain.

Still learning. Not too fond of it. It was easy to own a page as majority of us have an Gmail account. But very similar fashion to Facebook. Just a couple of unique improvements.

Best way to link with professionals (if you are shy). Pure business-minded, this is where you show off to the world what you are good at, and who you know (sometimes). Many users can gain the advantage of LinkedIn, especially HR and Sales.

Which Social Networking sites appeal to you? Share with us your unique thinking. Lets have fun. Your opinions do matter.


Infographic courtesy of www.uprinting.com

Meet Wenlock…

… the 2012 Olympics Idol.

Weird as it may look, Wenlock isn’t about how pretty or good looking it can be, but what story lies behind this droplet of steel.

The Story

Happy belated birthday Wenlock (19 May)! Anyway, the name Wenlock originated from a small town in Shropshire. Yes as funny as it sounds (both the name and town name), the history goes down yonks ago, 1890 to be precise. The vision of Baron Pierre de Coubertin to establish the Olympic Games in a more modern manner (with flag bearers, officials, competitors, etc…) was inspired right at here Much Wenlock, Schropshire. The Olympic Games were introduced 2 years later for the very first time in Athens. 120 years later, the true hero of the modern Olympics resurrects – in the form of Wenlock.

Designed and brought to life by Iris (www.irisnation.com), a creative agency in London, Wenlock came along with a friend, Mandeville. Mandeville will represent the Paralympics and we will review it in our next post. After over 100 designers and artists submitted their entries for the mascot, the entire list was shrunk to just 3 ideas. It went public. And the people of UK decided that a character alone wouldn’t mean much, so they wanted a story. And a real great story was written.

Personally, a good story leaves the best impression behind, making the Games more memorable. Period.

The Design

At a glance, its really shiny. No doubt. But, what on earth is this? A bowling pin with limbs? One-eyed? Many of us would find the design peculiar for sure. The best thing is that every part of the mascot has a functionality. The mascots are droplets of steel from the stadium – the Olympic Stadium. Okay, we shall move on. From head to toe:

Inspired by the famous London Cabs’ HIRE light. Really now??

Head crest
Adapted from the shape of the stadium’s roof and the podium, 1 2 3. No comments.

The Eye
A camera lens. Records Wenlock’s journey around the UK throughout the Olympics. Spy Cam.

2012 Logo
Simple and minimalist. Chump like.

Friendship bands
Ring colors of the Olympic Logo. Nice idea. The return of the friendship bands.

Shimmering skin tone. Glowing head crest and shards. IMHO, it looks cold no matter which part glows.

Man, the beary version looks even weirder. 3d-Wenlock looks much, much better.

Find Wenlock on Facebook (#iamwenlock) and Twitter (@iamwenlock).


We will be reviewing Mandeville next! Stay tuned!


[VIDEO] New Bird, New Experience

Love the new experience! Its similar to the Twitter iPad App and its simply user-friendly. Its like falling head over heels with Twitter all over again!

The video on the other hand is pretty cool. My personal concept that I derived from the video is that everything is done with Twitter, from buying a book, getting fruits and so forth. Hence the lil birdy everywhere.

What say you?