The History of Typography

and the differences between Serif & Sans Serif.


They say typography is power. I say space is as powerful as typography. In short, both are a match made in heaven. Watch this awesome 5-minute stop motion animation and you will finally understand why typography is key to everything we see and read.



Helvetica, world’s favourite font.



What would you do with 10,000 iPhones?

The Domino’s Effect — of course!


Here you have the fellas at Aatma Studio [] prepping something crazy… again! This is the latest Domino’s Effect case study and by far, the best. 10,000 iPhone 5’s were used to create this effect. And it comes with some cool visual in the phones itself.

What’s the cost like you may ask. Lets say each iPhone 5 is of the lowest range, that would be USD199. And the grand total would be at least USD2,000,000. Would you spend that amount of money for 1 minute of fun? They would! Well, lets hope that CG were not used to create 3/4 of the video or they would only just need like all their staffs iPhone to make this cool video. If you didn’t know, Aatma Studio is an Animation House. They live and breed animation for life. Psst, I have also included their showreel and it looks amazingly awesome!

Who cares how they got 10,000 iPhones, enjoy and share the chump!


The iPhone Domino’s Effect


The Aatma Studio Showreel


Start collecting old iPhones and make it 50,000!


ROTFL Safari

Here’s a video to cure the stress and mental blockage of your mind, body and soul.

3e90600df7The 20th Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film [] will be held this coming April and this cheeky trailer is good enough to arouse your curiosity. Titled handsomely ‘Rollin’ Safari – The Chase’, this cheeky trailer showcases the talents in the Animation industry worldwide. There will be multiple awards up for grabs and is a definite festival for all animators around the world to showcase their talents.

SPOT THIS – Check out the leopard’s expression just before it hits the ground face first. Priceless! Lol.

Check out the header of the website. Funny leopard on show.

World’s Most Creative Country

Care to give a guess?

If not, here goes. New Zealand have won more Cannes Lions per capita compared to any country in the world. This was in 2011.

The stats goes like this:

  • New Zealand: 1 Lion per 155,989 residents
  • Sweden: 1 Lion per 202,173 residents

Below is a video done by an Advertising Agency – Special Group [] – in promoting NZ’s achievement in the advertising world. Its humorous of course as they take a swipe at a few other countries. Its worth the watch and dare I say it could be the truth. LOL!


This video won a Lion, too.


This is advertising

Advertising, call it a swear word, a money-making word or even just pronouncing it, gives people the jeebers. This is the platform where Agencies begin to charge big money for ideation, and another chunk at execution. Well, these two words are definitely different, and the best part, carries separate billings.

So, we know our good advertising campaigns. We even know the super bad ones. What do people actually say about your advertising spot/campaign? We will go into the minds of the Agency and also the Agency, the latter being what the Agency WANTS to hear and the former being what the Agency NEEDS to say. I assume its transparent enough what people think about the Agency/Client relationship – bittersweet.

If only…

Videos courtesy of Ads of the World’s blog. Visit here.

[VIDEO] Inspiring Creativity

Was browsing through Ads of the World’s blog and came across this (to me) inspirational video, creatively produced by the peeps at Cafe Communications.

It speaks about deadlines, and creativity.

You know, when your clients want something (ads, posters, etc.) in a very short time, and you go ballistic and bonkers over how ridiculous they can be… watch this video.

Be inspired.

Creativity is not inspired by the pressure of time but by the freedom, the playfulness and the fun.


[VIDEO] Willow – Sweater

willow_logo_black_whiteMy colleague sent me this video and it simply blew my mind. As simple as it looked – in which I doubt it was that simple – it shows how a little innovation and a genius mind can transform space and wall (and lighting) into an awesome Music Video.

A little treadmill, white walls, projectors (3 in total) was all it needed to make this awesome video. The lead singer, Pieter-Jan Van Den Troost is portrayed to be walking from one end to another, going through a tornado-like wind hole, sitting on a train and going diving just to name a few. The after-effects are amazing as well, great 3D and Post work. It really gives you that travel-sense.

Very well produced and directed, this video would be my all-time favorite now as the ‘making’ simply is creative and innovative.

Sit back and enjoy it. It’s worth to watch it again.





[VIDEO] LOL it out!

College humour? F**k yeah. Literally ROTFL.

So, this is for the LOLers out there… LOL it out, LITERALLY. Instead of “Say what you mean”, this video emphasizes on “TYPE WHAT YOU MEAN”.

Check it out. Your weekend laugh.


THE ONE WHO MEAN IT: Don’t you dare…


99U Conference Motion Graphics

99uLets look back at 99U Conferences from 2010 – 2012 with some quotable quotes through Motion Graphics. These videos are created by these great individuals where the art direction is by Behance’s Matias Corea and animation is done by Hugh Gran. I must say that the quotes presented are extremely inspiring and certainly hope it will get your inspiration juices flowing.



It’s time to stop dreaming, and start doing.

Don’t let planning, get in the way of doing. -Leslie Koch

It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.

If we understand where our fear of failure comes from, we can fight it. -Frans Johansson

Don’t put your ideas on a pedestal,
put them into action.

The 21st century will be all about surprises. -Jared Cohen

The future of work is play. -Aaron Dignan

You don’t have to live your life the way other people expect you to. -Chris Guillebeau

Don’t complain. Contribute. -Simon Sinek

Creativity is fueled by curiosity and wonder. -Andrew Zuckerman

Genius is 1 % inspiration and 99% perspiration

Continue to reinvent. Keep things moving and changing and growing and always a little bit out of reach. -Jad Abumrad

When in doubt. Proceed. -Garrett Camp

You don’t need anyone else’s permission to create. Greenlight yourself and get to work. -Charlie Todd

It’s through mistakes that you can actually grow. You have to get bad in order to get good. -Paula Scher

There is no such thing as finishing or failing. It’s all about doing. -Rilla Alexander

Do one thing and do that one thing better than anyone else. -Jason Goldberg

When we think our work as a gift, it radically changes what we create. -James Victore

Start. -Alexis Ohanian

It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.

Date: May 2-3, 2013
Venue: Alice Tully Hall, New York City
Tickets on sale 5th September 2012

There you go, quotable quotes from the greats in their field. Get inspired.