Wandering dog follows shoppers everywhere

I will follow you…


This cute little pooch is wandering around East London’s Westfield Stratford mall and shoppers are getting really curious. Firstly, the doggy is not wandering around physically but through billboards.

This is OgilvyOne‘s latest campaign for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home entitled “Looking for You” is pretty high-tech mind you. A chip is secretly embedded in the leaflets handed out to shoppers. So, when the digital billboard detects this little chip, the pooch appears on screen following the shoppers walking direction. Paired with Queen’s hit song Somebody To Love, we’ve finally found the best supporting song for any advertisements.

Famed for its work for British Airways‘ “The Magic of Flying” that features a little boy pointing at actual BA aircrafts flying by, OgilvyOne surely is pushing the boundaries of interactive and engaging digital billboards.



Things NOT to have in your next radio commercial

Tips for your next award-winning (or just a regular) radio commercial.


Global CCO of Arnold Worldwide, Jim Elliott tells us what NOT to do if you want to win a Radio Mercury Award. Here are some pointers to stay away from.

  1. Repeated use of “Sunday”
  2. “Now is the best time to buy”
  3. Honky sound effects
  4. Screeching sound effect
  5. Born to be Wild song as a metaphor
  6. RTB disguised in a dialog
  7. Lists of product side effects
  8. Overly emotional pleas
  9. Movie trailer parodies
  10. Autotune
  11. Excessive echoes
  12. Classy VO + Not-so-classy script
  13. Bad writing + yelling
  14. Looooooooooong web address

In general, this should be the NOT TO DO LIST for any radio commercials, not just for award submissions. Get creative people!

Part 1

Part 2


By the way, this is a perfect way to promote CDs, ECDs, CCOs, GCCOs and what nots. I mean, being a judge to an award is pretty awesome, ain’t it?


How getting pelted by a snowball looks like

In slow mo…


Agency Exit10 locked down its creatives to come up with something that sticks to the viewers’ head. This is the result.

Using a Phantom Miro camera and shot at 1,500 fps, every single employee – all 17 of them – were pelted with snowballs just to celebrate the holiday season. Shooting at such speed requires a lot of lights. So much that the employees were blinded and didn’t even know what hit them as they stood in anxiety.

Love the music by The Stents. Listen here.


Feel the pain.


An inspiring and beautiful holiday spot


Field Notes, a paper product company has an idea – about remembrance and family. It was purely a creative project, a piece of branded content. Until production house North of New York came into the picture and transformed an idea into an inspiring piece of creative work.

A mixture of happy moments, dull and dreadful days and a celebration of fireworks were piece together for a thought-provoking visual. The impact of the spot was enhanced by poetry written by Adam Cote and delivered by Jarlath Conroy.

Writing stuff on paper is old-fashioned, but history is still written down until today. For memories are like lost if not written down.


The Spot


The Copy
Let us never forget the sprawling genius of a midnight dream, and how silly it seems in the light of day. Let us never forget the mundane and the beautiful. Let us never forget why we write. To remember what happened … what could have happened … what didn’t happen. We write to find out how it ends. So let us keep writing. And let us never forget how it feels to hold life in your hand.


An homage to heartfelt handwritten composition.

Another hair-raising subway stunt

A follow-up to Apolosophy’s stunt.


Couple of months back we came across a hair-raising subway ad that had us at awe. Now comes another hair-flying stunt; all in the name of cancer awareness.

Agency Garbergs from Sweden followed the highly successful Apolosophy subway ambient ad and re-engineered the idea to something more provoking – cancer awareness.



Fantastic pro-bono work!


Nothing miniature about the key message

A tale of the fishing industry today.


Bamboo Sushi wanted to develop a promotional video. Four Story Treehouse on the other hand thinks that the video should be more of an “from Bamboo Sushi” rather than an “about Bamboo Sushi”. The story that both decided on is about the fishing industry today.

The final piece is a masterpiece itself. Shot using miniature models – a simple art form – to depict a simple story and a simple message. Its visceral to say the least. It makes you stick to the video with full attention. It educates you. Motivates you. We learn from this video. The threats. The irresponsible actions. And how one brand, tries to deliver sustainable sushi for the betterment of the people, the world and nature.

Watch and you’ll know why it’s brilliant.



A global problem. A gigantic effort.


A website built in Instagram

Ikea’s innovative idea comes to life.


Riding on the Instagram fame, Ikea builds an entire website on the Instagram platform. Function-wise, it’s fairly simple and straightforward. Minus the hassle of creating 34 different accounts on Instagram, of course. Great idea to fully utilise Instagram’s tagging function. Bravo!

With a mission to promote Ikea’s PS 2014 collection, Ikea hired Russian ad agency, Instinct-BBDO to create an idea. And this is the innovative execution. Check it out!

Follow Ikea PS2014 on Instagram here.


Zero media, zero budget.


A Flashback on Fantastic

Great script. Fantastic animation. Awesome soundtrack. Perfect.

NZ-based String Theory, is the genius behind this wonderfully executed promotional video for Good Books, an online bookstore cum Non-Profit Org that donates all profits to Oxfam, an organisation that brings people together to go against poverty.

Created almost 2 years ago, this video was a Cannes Cyber Lions shortlist and winners of various global creative awards.


It is not very often that we have the opportunity to create a graphic equivalent of a drug fueled rant bringing all of our collective skills to bear. And it is almost unfathomable that we could actually do something like this and benefit a good cause.



Hair-raising subway ad

Interactivity at its best.


Equipped with ultrasonic sensors, digital screens at a subway platform in Stockholm, Sweden created a hair-raising experience that took commuters by surprise. These sensors detect the arrival of trains and when it arrive, something magical happens.

When there is no train detected, the digital screen looked like a static ambient ad, with a visual of a girl with gorgeous hair. The magic that surprised most commuters is when the train arrives, her locks get blown and she starts to move, blink and puts her hair back in place.

Apotek, a pharmacy brand in Sweden was promoting the hair care brand, Apolosophy.


Very, very clever.


A mistake made for a beautiful reason

A mind-blowing exhibition of poetry.


He is Marshall Davis Jones. He is a world-bridger. A professional spoken word artist. A dramatic performer. Gifted to make us think, feel and realise deep into the human experience. An inspiration to all. Through all walks of life.

And watch him spell father.

The script:

last night
I had the most interesting dream.
in it
I was six years old
complex words….
up until the final round
one word between me and victory
the spell master clears his throat
young man your word is father
the crowd began to chatter amongst themselves
seemingly displeased
at the simplicity of this final word
I searched for those eyes
those eyes that say
“every things going to be ok. just do it”
I dazed off
young man!
your word is father
I stood up straight, licked my lips and began
father, m-o-t-h-e-r, father…
the spell master looks at me,
down at his flash card,
back up at me
“sorry but you are incorrect”
I don’t understand
my fathers sitting right in the audience
“excuse me?’
“I am sorry son but you are incorrect”
well then
you can save your sorry apologies
because you must mean “in-correct”
as in within the parameters of being right.
let me explain something to you
cuz obviously you aint grow up
where poppas are rolling stones
down the hills of women’s backsides
and when he’s gone
all he’s left us
was alone
where minstrel men stroll around on bikes
while fathers balanced their menstrual,
2 jobs,
2 kids
and a life
on a unicycle
and it looks something like this:
breastfeeding on one arm
phone on the shoulder
cooking with the other arm
cleaning with one leg
tying sneakers with their teeth
young fathers
who make mistakes
because we are not all perfect
but the one mistake they never make
is abandoning their seeds
you see fathers
are master gardeners
they tend to every leaf
removing the weeds
placing us in the windows of opportunity
so that we can lean towards the sun
and never forget that the sky is the limit
planting kisses on our cheeks
hugs on our backs
growing their love on us
the best way they know how
like my father
my father, sacrificed owning nothing,
that I may have everything
my father, walked a daily nightmare
so that I may live out my dreams
my father watered me
with blood sweat and tears
so that I may be ripe
for the harvest
and I hope that one day
I can grow up to be as great a father
as she was for me
you did not ask me spell deadbeat sir…
but if you want dead beat here it is:
f-a-t-h-e-r, d-a-d, d-a-d-d-y, p-o-p
p-o-p-s, if you want the slang
you asked me to spell father
and father is,
always has been
and always will be spelled
so get your encyclopedias,
show me your flash cards
open your dictionary
cuz what webster says
means nothing around here
around here,
my father is sitting right there…

and I love her.

Words that look so ordinary, but mean so much.