Of bizarre oddities…

Volkswagen does it again.

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 3.57.14 PM

Not too much to say but a super straightforward message.

Dangers announce themselves well in advance,
with Volkswagen’s intelligent assist systems.

If danger could speak, it would speak VW

Volkswagen goes electric

VW does it again.


Norwegian agency TRY/Apt promotes Volkswagen’s E-Up, a brand new electric car that produces 81bhp and 155lb ft of torque. Although the ads are minimalistic and straight to the point,the message is so strong, you can understand it in an instant. Kudos!

vw_volt_aotw2 vw_volt_aotw

Voltswagen 😉

Fast vs Fast

vw-logoIntroducing, the Volkswagen Golf R, with 256 hp  TSI® turbocharged engine.




1351792080-rubiks-cube-originalAnd Anthony Brooks, one of the world’s fastest Rubik’s Cube solver, one-handed at 17 seconds.




Who’s faster? Take a wild guess.

The Race

Volkswagen Golf R
It took the Golf R to complete the track in 28 seconds (as per video). After watching the video over and over again, it is pretty obvious that Anthony couldn’t concentrate on solving the cube. He was seen frequently looking at the road ahead because psychologically, who wouldn’t when in a drifting and speeding car.

Would love to see another get-go only if VW decides to have a sequel. What d’ya think of this advertising gimmick?


Kudos to both Anthony and VW


25 Logos and what it stands for

Ever wondered what these famous logos stand for? We pronounced the brand name as it is – initials – but never thought of what it means. We are bringing the answers to you now. (:

Home Box Office
(initially proposed as ‘The Green Channel’)

(stands for ‘People’s Car’)

The Learning Channel
(founded in 1972)

Advanced Micro Devices
(a 43-year old California company)

Array Technologies Inc.
(Nvidia’s main competitor)

Systeme, Anwendungen, Produkte
(Systems Applications and Products)
(started by 5 ex-IBM employees)
Software Manufacturer

International Business Machines
(also known as ‘Big Blue’)
Computer & Technology

(founded by William (Bill) Redington Hewlett and Dave Packard)
Information Technology

General Electric
(3rd largest company in the world)

Federal Express
(can you see the arrow in the logo)

Columbia Broadcasting System
(sometimes referred to as the ‘Eye Network’)

British Broadcasting Corporation
(largest broadcaster in the world)

American Broadcasting Company
(sometimes referred to as the ‘Alphabet Network’)

Cable News Network
(first channel to provide 24-hour news service)

Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company

(producer of over 55,000 products)

National Aeronautics and Space Administration
(established in 1958)

Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works)
(first car produced was named ‘Dixi’)

United Parcel Service
(nicknamed as ‘Brown’)

Victor Company of Japan
(developed the VHS Recorder, Video Home System)

The Microsoft Network

(Microsoft based Internet Service Provider)

Scientifically Treated Petroleum
(strongest company name when it launched in 1953)
Automotive Oil

Entertainment and Sports Programming Network
(logo remains the same since 1985)

James Bullough Lansing
(James created JBL after leaving Altec Lansing in 1946)
Audio Electronics

Bill and Don Kirschner
(founded by brothers Bill and Don in 1961)
Sporting Goods

National Broadcasting Company
(sometimes referred to as ‘Peacock Network’)

Kinda noticed that these Television companies have a nickname – The Eye, Peacock. Weirdly interesting. Which is your favorite logo? And did I missed anything out? Feel that there are a million more out there but I only managed to cough up these few famous brands. Let me know should one come to your mind. Cheers!