5 Coolest Keyboards

Decided to Google some cool gadgets and found these amazing keyboards. Each with their own USP, you might want to consider a change of keyboard straightaway.


1. Das Keyboard

Mac Computers now have their choice of keyboard! Now we are moving on…


2. Virtual Laser Keyboard

The Virtual Laser Keyboard (VKB) is a portable gadget with a USB dongle that can be connected to any devices – PCs, Macs, Smartphones, etc… The size is amazingly small, only the size of a Zippo lighter. Now this is what we call portability. If you are one of those night owls that love to burn the midnight oil (in the dark), this is definitely for you.


3. Steampunk Keyboard

This ergonomic design is based on the very rare IBM M-15 split keyboard. This innovative upgrade is from the genius-mind of datamancer. On top of this, there is a touchpad mouse (similar to those on a laptop) built dead-centre of the keyboard. Plus, it has cushion!


4. Optimus Tactus

This genius innovation has no physical keys! It can be fully customized to the users liking where the entire keyboard can be transformed into a Touch Screen panel or even select the type of keyboards (aside from QWERTY) required. Heck, you can even watch movies on the keyboard.


5. 100% Bamboo Keyboard

This is C/C‘s pick! A biodegradable and eco-friendly gadget! Crafted with 100% natural bamboo, this one is definitely a hit for the Green peeps out there. Best of it, there is a Mouse as well! Wonder how it feels like…


Which is your fav?