Can you make Union Square quiet?

Watch how New Yorkers do the impossible.


When 23,000 roaring fans converge at the US Open, only one person can keep them quite – the umpire. Wieden+Kennedy teams up with Heineken to reenact this mystifying moment in tennis.

In Union Square, New York, an umpire chair is set up. Now all is left to do is to get that one person that could keep the entire Union Square silent. The carrot is two tickets to the US Open.

The dare is on. Watch what made Union Square quiet.


Shhhhh… Quiet please.



Lurpak Butter’s Best Adventure – Ever

As we stand on the edge of possibility, we choose the path less traveled.


Lurpak butter and Wieden + Kennedy London craving for food porn continues with this outrageous, fantastic video for the former’s brand new Cook’s Range of oils and butters.

An ordinary kitchen is transformed into an entire universe, dramatised by the tune of “Thus Spake Zarathustra” from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Imagine, a gas stove is transformed into rocket burners, a falling egg yolk made to look like a meteor and a carrot dropped in boiling water depicted as a spaceship in space. Wow!

Be wow-ed.


Embrace the unknown with wide-eyed wonder


Mother’s Day Special

My very first post.

Found this cheeky Mother’s Day card on AgencySpy ( Cruel as it may look, this Wieden+Kennedy Studio creation sure tickles your fancy but please, have an open mind.

The best part, you can actually purchase the card! Head on to W+K Goodness Store (

Happy Mother’s Day!