Laneige sees beauty in perfection

Having the eye for perfection is never easy.


Laneige Malaysia recently launched a new addition to their best selling Perfect Renew series – the Eye Serum – and worked together with two passionate influencers, Sharon Tan, a calligrapher, and Tan U-Mae, a cake decorator.

“We believe it was a different approach that Laneige could leverage on. Macro influencers have a huge following but lack the audience authenticity. Micro influencers like Sharon and U-Mae has a close-knit, almost like family following that resembles Laneige and its Malaysian fans”, said Kingdom Digital’s Head of Strategy.

Both are passionate about what they do, and having the eye for details play a vital role in their line of work. Their stories itself are very inspirational as both only discovered what they truly want to do in life at a later stage in their lives. It was all about hard work, belief and guts that brought them to where they are today, and success was simply the icing on the cake.

The spots were conceptualised by the independent agency, Kingdom Digital and produced by Untitled Films.


Sharon Tan


Tan U-Mae


It’s never too late to find your perfection.



2 minutes with Dollar Beard Club

Step your beard up! Keep it growing and we’ll take care of the rest.


Mane man Chris Stoikos drops a load of F-bombs in Dollar Beard Club‘s latest spot – Growing Wild. The mission is set… grow your beard! Clean-shaven dudes are out and only real men know the duty of a beard… a well taken care of beard.

What you may notice is a ripped dude carrying weights by the beach… taking a swipe at Old Spice? Lol.

Beard on, brother.


No, this isn’t a fucking mirage; and yes, it starts at a buck a month.

Monday Awe

How being bilingual enhances creativity

“Disembodied language can allow you to understand the world in dazzling new ways. Knowing a second language is similar in effect. ….You develop new experience, new thought, new vision, and new solutions.” -Joseph Cardilo