Nando’s Mile High Club

Nando’s Malaysia [] has been firing on all cylinders when it comes to quirky ads and current news. Helm by agency Creative Juice [], Nando’s has been catching attention nationwide thanks to its cheeky, quirky and funny ads. Best of all, it relates to current news. And because these current news are so hip, the word spreads faster than fire on fuel.

Here are some great ads by their greatness – Nando’s.


On the General Elections (GE13)
Translation: Promise Peri-peried.


Translation: People first, Peri-peri served.


Translation: One race, One country, One Peri-peri


On the hot debate between two ladies that went viral (Google this: listen listen listen listen)


On the KFC punching case in Malaysia


On the ongoing Facebook war between F&B outlets and customers


On the arrival of Russel Peters’ first gig in Malaysia


On the issue of Lady Gaga’s ‘Meat’ dress


On the crying of Cristiano Ronaldo during the Euro 2012 Semis.


On a newly renovated outlet in Penang.


On the apologetic Tweet from National shuttler Lee Chong Wei after losing the Gold medal at the Olympics.


On the time of Ramadan.


Cheeky Billboards
These billboards are found proximity to red light zones in KL. ‘Ayam’ is Malay. ‘Kai’ is Cantonese. ‘Kai’ also means ‘hookers/prostitutes’ in Cantonese. Get the meaning?

Jalan-jalan Cari Makan is a popular local TV show that showcases great food around Malaysia. It is translated to as “Walking around finding chickens”.


Same billboard but an older visual. Literally translated to “Many chickens here”. Read the subhead? Now you know what they are talking about.


The Nando’s Revolution in Malaysia.


Love it all? Share it! Comments are most welcomed.


Peri-peri you life!



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